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Name: xxxxx
Date of Birth: xx xx 19xx
Time of Birth: xx:xx:00 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Delhi, India

Horoscope of xxxxx

Question 1:   Please throw some light regarding my professional career as per my birth chart / horoscope .

Answer: The analysis of your birth chart / horoscope  indicates that the lord of the house governing social status i.e. Mercury and the planet that signifies authority and the higher ups i.e. Sun are although well placed but weak in strength due to the influence of a malefic planet Ketu on them. The above-mentioned planetary weaknesses usually result in dissatisfaction from social status, differences with the higher ups or difficulties in enjoying favours from superiors. Therefore you should remain careful from the professional viewpoint and stick to a suitable job or field as long as possible. It would be further beneficial to avoid cropping up differences with higher ups or the person in authority. Above all you should exercise patience, follow a diplomatic approach and avoid taking hasty decisions.
At present you are passing through the sub period of Mercury in the main period of Saturn. Its sub period has been in operation from 5th January 2007 and would last till 13th September 2009 according to your birth chart / horoscope  . The planet Mercury represents social status in your birth chart / horoscope but is weak in strength. This indicates that the current sub period is favourable for elevating your social status further. However due to the influence of Ketu on Mercury an element of dissatisfaction from professional viewpoint and some sort of obstructions would keep cropping up in your mind from time to time.

To sum up, presently you are passing through the sub period of a benefic but weak planet. Hence you would find the period to be sensitive from the viewpoint of your professional career. Needless to say, your achievements in professional career would be still encouraging in case you incorporate the approach suggested above.
Regarding your questions, the period ahead is favourable from the professional viewpoint. Hence you should continue working with the present company. The time frames from April to June 2007 and September to November 2007 are favourable regarding your professional career. It is quite possible that you would receive the due promotion during one of these time frames. This is pertinent to mention that the coming periods would be conducive from the viewpoint of your professional career. However due to the natal planetary weaknesses in your birth chart / horoscope  you need to maintain a low profile from 14th September 2009 to 23rd October 2010 and let this time frame pass uneventfully.

Question 2:   Health and future of children.

Answer: The lord of the house governing children as well as the natural significator of children i.e. Jupiter is weak in your birth chart / horoscope . As a result of which you might encounter some kind of problems on account of your children. This might be due to any reason. Therefore you should pay necessary attention towards your children. However the specific answer of your question can be given only after analysing the respective birth chart / horoscope of your children.


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