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Name: xxxx xxxx xxxx
Date of Birth: xxx xxx xxxx
Time of Birth: xx:xx: xx Hrs.
Place of Birth: Wolverhampton, England

Your Horoscope:

The analysis of your birth chart / horoscope indicates that you are a sober, sincere, generous person and hold good amount of knowledge. Your will power is quite strong and morals are praise worthy. You bring a sense of bliss, happiness and pleasure around you. Your sense of responsibility is enormous; whenever you accept the responsibility for any task, you would certainly see it to its successful completion. In fact, you are a natural teacher and represent the wisdom in enterprise, knowledge in action and never represent the extreme view. Above all the good placement of Jupiter in your birth chart / horoscope indicates that you are well versed in religious rituals and spiritual knowledge.
Despite all these, the planets representing emotions, partners, personal life and the significators of assessment, analytical, decisive powers etc. are comparatively weak in strength in your birth chart / horoscope . As a result of which at times you may suffer from indecisiveness, uncertainties or confusions. In addition to this you not a good judge of people and others may take advantage of your negative trait. Above all your nearest friend or relation might deceive/mislead you.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned weaknesses you should control emotions, increase attentiveness and should not readily rely on others. It would be further beneficial to select your partner rationally and take significant decisions after weighing all pros and cons. Above all you should air your views clearly and precisely. Such an approach would be advantageous for enjoying adequate peace, prosperity and satisfaction from achievements in your personal life as well as professional career.

The answers of your queries have been given below and are based on the above-analysis:

Question 1: Should I travel with my guru or set up my meditation courses or spend 6 months doing yoga and sadhana at a ashram in madras?

Answer: The lord of the house governing profession i.e. Jupiter is favourably placed in your birth chart / horoscope . Its good placement and strength are favourable for achieving professional success. However the natal weakness of the planets representing social status and alliances would result in difficulties in enjoying long-lasting partnerships or some sort of dissatisfaction from your social standing. Therefore you should strictly avoid working in joint ventures and stick to a suitable job or field as long as possible.
Regarding your query, you would find the period till March 2007 to be stressful. In such circumstances the chances of your decisions going wrong would be on the higher side. To remain on the safer side you should avoid taking significant decisions or starting new/joint ventures and let the period pass calmly. An improvement in this regard is indicated from April 2007 and the period thereafter would be favourable for setting up exclusively your own meditation centre.

Question 2: When and where will I likely to meet my spiritual partner? ? e.g. while travelling with my guru or working.

Answer: Astrologically it is impossible to name the place where you would be meeting your spiritual partner. Despite this it is quite possible that you would come in touch with your spiritual partner at your place of work. In the near future the time frames from August to November 2007 and February to April 2008 are favourable in this regard.

Question 3: How should I be earning my income?

Answer: The good placement and strength of the planet Jupiter in your birth chart / horoscope indicates that you would be professionally successful in the activities related to wisdom, knowledge, higher learning; consultancy, teaching etc.


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