Date of Birth: XX XX XXXX
Time of Birth: XX:XX:XX Hrs.
Place of Birth: India

1.Your Horoscope:


2. Your Natural Friends &  Foes

Before going through the analytical report it is of great importance to understand the basic nature of various planets in your horoscope. In brief:

Functional Benefic Planets: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn
Functional Malefic Planets: Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu 

3. Role of Different Planets In Your Horoscope
Sun- Sun represents longevity, inheritance, obstructions, misfortunes, disgrace, disappointments etc. in your horoscope. It naturally signifies authority, will power, superiors, father, fame, respect, vitality, managerial abilities, immunity etc.
Moon- Moon is lord of the house-representing spouse, partnerships, foreign etc. In addition to this it is the natural significator of mind, mental peace, mother, wealth etc.
Mars- Mars stands for parents, domestic peace, property etc. in your horoscope. In addition to this Mars signifies courage, property, energy, younger siblings, executive qualities etc.
Mercury- Mercury governs fate, foreign, father, fortune etc. in your horoscope. In addition to this, it is the natural significator of assessment power, accountability, analytical and decisive powers, communications skills, power of discrimination etc.
Jupiter- Jupiter rules unforeseen expenses, losses, expenses on health, foreign lands, conjugal bliss etc. and naturally signifies sober, sincere, generous nature, sincerity, wealth, knowledge and children etc.
Venus- Venus governs profession, status, karma in life, ambition etc. and is the natural significator of luxuries, material comforts, enjoyments, marriage, romance, pleasures, vehicles etc.
Saturn- Saturn represents health and happiness, social status, body, personality, accumulation of wealth, continuance of family etc. and signifies labour, delays and obstructions.
Rahu- Rahu is a malefic planet by nature and generates illusions most of the time. People under its influence generally become overconfident and underestimate situations or people around them.
Ketu- Ketu is another malefic planet in your horoscope. It generally retards the growth of the traits of the houses or planets that are under its influence. In addition to this it causes miseries also.

4.The various areas of your life can be summarized as:

Your Health
Financial Status
Progeny Bliss
Mental Peace

5. Strength in your Horoscope:
You are an amiable person and blessed with an imaginative insight. You possess sound mind, always operate with a clear conscience and never have regrets or a sense of guilt. Your will power is strong and you are capable enough to inspire others and provide leadership in most of the functions you like to undertake.

Weakness in your Horoscope: You should exercise patience, maintain calm and follow a flexible approach. It would be further beneficial to decide priorities carefully and should not blindly rely on the wisdom of others and air views clearly and precisely. Above all you should keep a tab on your expenses.

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