Jupiter Transit Report

The birth chart is the static snap of Zodiac at the time of birth of a person. The planetary positions at the time of birth become our birth chart. The malefic or benefic nature of planets depends on the lordship of the planets as per the rising ascendant at the time of our birth. The planets bless us according to their nature and strength at the time of birth of a person.

The planets are continuously moving in the Zodiac and this movement of planets in Zodiac is known as the transit of planets. The planets in birth chart act as transmitters of the transiting planets and flash messages in the body according to the planetary movements in Zodiac and cause significant events irrespective of the main/sub period from which you are passing.

Broadly Jupiter is considered to be an auspicious planet and it transits in a house for almost one year. However, for the ascendants e.g. Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn it acts as a malefic planet.
For a detailed report place order for the report namely ‘Jupiter’s transit.

Jupiter Transit Report Price 35 US Dollar



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