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Main Period of Jupiter - Sept. 17, 2017 to Sept. 16, 2032

You will be in the main period of malefic Jupiter around your middle age. Jupiter governs expenses, foreign travel, residence abroad, overall health, etc. in your chart / horoscope. In addition to this, it is the natural significator for liver, stomach area, spleen, pancreas, general disposition in life etc. It also gives interest in marketing, religion, spiritualism, divine conduct, etc. Malefic Jupiter is weak due to strength indicates some times due to transit affliction you may have difficulties in enjoying good health, residence abroad, marital matters and may have extra expenses.

In other words overall the main period of malefic Jupiter may be average for you and you have to put consistent efforts but sometimes there would be limitation of the results.

Favourable Periods: 30 July 2024 to 30 March 2027 , 17 Jan. 2028 to 23 April 2030.

Unfavourable Periods: Sept. 17, 2017 to 29 July 2024 , 31 March 2027 to 16 Jan. 2028 , 24 April 2030 to Sept. 2032.

Main Period of Saturn: Sept. 17, 2032 to Sept. 16, 2051

Your will be towards the end of your middle age when the main period of Saturn operates. In your chart the planet Saturn is benefic. It rules marital matters, continuation of family life, social esteem, status thru study & profession. It is well placed in the 11th house of gains, fulfillment of desires, friends & elder brother. Although it is well placed but is weak due to in the state of infancy and duly afflicted by malefic Rahu Ketu.

The weakness and affliction of malefic Rahu Ketu to the weak Saturn indicates there would be some difficulties in the above mentioned areas. In this period you should be cautious regarding hasty decisions, anxiety, control over your temper, speech and handle the situations diplomatically to avoid loss of social status and aura. One thing to clear more, you should keep check in this period or be more cautious, whenever your transit Saturn goes through the 6, 8 , 12 houses, it will cause more difficulties in above mentioned areas. Overall this period will be better as compared to the previous main period of malefic weak Jupiter.

Favourable Periods: Sept. 17, 2032 to May 29, 2038 , July 9, 2039 to Sept. 7, 2042, Aug. 21 2043 to April 29, 2046,

Unfavourable Periods: May 30, 2038 to July 8, 2039, Sept. 08, 2042 to Aug. 20 2043, April 30, 2046 to Sept. 16, 2051

Main Period of Mercury: Sept. 17, 2051 to Sept. 16, 2068
In your chart Mercury is well placed in the house of fulfillment of desires, friends. It is slightly weak by strength and this planet rules settlement of future/fortune, religion, godfather. In addition to that it also rules, discrimination power, communication ability, initiative, analysation & assumption power. It is aspecting the house of emotions, & children. As a result of which, you are likely to be enjoying some of its traits that have been mentioned above in your usual life. Over all in other words the main period of Mercury proves benefic for you but you should keep in mind that this planet is associating with afflicted Saturn & afflicting malefic Ketu. This association indicates you might encounter some difficulties which may damage your social esteem, status & aura. So you should practice patience in this main period, avoid arguments, difference of opinion, as mentioned above. Try to maintain this behavior for overall life. In addition to practicing patience it also seems you will be able to get full mileage of your input after putting in hard efforts. Overall this period may prove to be the best period in your whole life.

Favourable Periods: Sept. 17, 2051 to Feb. 12, 2054, Feb 10 2055 to Dec. 10, 2057, Oct 18 2058 to March 14 2061, 15 Jan.2035, Nov. 10, 2039 to July 19, 2042

Unfavourable Periods: Feb. 13 , 2054 to Feb. 09, 2055, Dec. 11, 2057 to Oct 17, 2058, March 15 2061 to Sept. 16 2068

Main Period of Ketu- Sept. 17, 2068 to Sept. 16, 2075.
Malefic Ketu is well placed in the 11th house of your natal chart / horoscope but being a malefic planet it is casting evil influence on the natal 11th lord Saturn. In your case Saturn is karka/significator for longevity. This period of malefic Ketu indicates that this period may prove difficult in above mentioned matters and there would be difficulties/ uncertainty in health pertaining to arthritis, bones problems. Those people, who have the period of malefic Ketu in later stages of life, should have proper financial planning and necessary back-up, so not to depend on others. Most of the birth charts / horoscopes suggest difficulties in malefic Ketu period.

Final Conclusion:
The analysis of your chart / horoscope indicates that you are a courageous and energetic person. Your will power is quite strong and you have been blessed with excellent managerial, communicative and executive qualities. In addition to this you possess fine tastes, good etiquette and enjoying luxuries and material comforts to a large extent. Above all, the planetary configuration of your birth chart is quite favourable for enjoying undue favours or unexpected gains.

Keeping into consideration the overall planetary configuration of your birth chart / horoscope you are advised to try to control emotions, be cautious towards your health, select life partner after rational judgment, decide priorities after deliberating all pros and cons and remain cautious from advisors/partners. It would be further beneficial to follow a flexible and accommodative approach in routine life and avoid situations that might result in difference of opinion with others. I hope such an approach would be favourable for enjoying adequate peace, prosperity and satisfaction from achievements in your personal as well as professional life.

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