Sample Astrological Life Reading Of GEMINI

Name: XYZ
Date of birth: xx/xx/xxxx
Time of birth: xx/xx Hrs
Place of birth: XXXXX

The ascendant GEMINI was rising in the zodiac when you were born. The Moon was passing through the sign Aquarius at the time of your birth. Therefore your Vedic ascendant is Gemini and the Vedic Moon sign is Aquarius. Your Sun sign is Taurus.

You are Gemini rising born ascendant and have planet Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus as benefic planets and Rahu,Ketu as malefics.

Role of Planets
Sun is lord of the 3rd house and governs efforts, initiatives,courage, expression power, communications, younger siblings etc. In addition to this it is the natural significator of authority, will power, superiors, father, fame, respect, vitality, managerial abilities, immunity etc.
Moon is lord of the 2nd house governing education, social status, family, accumulation of wealth etc. in your birth chart / horoscope. In addition to this it is the natural significator of mind, mental peace, mother, wealth, wife etc. It governs fluids in body, good quality of blood, stomach, lymphatic system, lungs and chest.
Mars is lord of the 11th houses governing income, fulfillment of desire, gains, friends etc. in your birth chart/ horoscope. In addition to this it is the natural significator of muscles, blood, courage, property, energy, younger siblings, executive qualities etc.
Mercury is lord of the 4th houses governing domestic bliss, education, properties, parents etc. In addition to this, it is the natural significator of memory, assessment power, accountability, analytical and decisive powers, communications skills, power of discrimination etc. Mercury governs nervous system, lungs, tongue, hands, arms and mouth in human body.
Jupiter is lord of the 7th houses governing partnerships, marriage, tie-ups, foreign etc. in your birth chart/ horoscope. In addition to this it is the natural significator of sober, sincere, generous nature, sincerity, divine grace, teacher, wealth, knowledge and children.

Venus is lord of the 5th houses governing intelligence, emotions, thoughts, learning, progeny, stomach etc. in your birth chart/ horoscope. In addition to this it is the natural significator of luxuries, material comforts,romance, pleasures, females, marriage, wife, enjoyments, vehicles etc.

Saturn is lord of the 9th houses governing fate, fortune, father,traditions, religion, foreign etc. in your birth chart/ horoscope. In other words, it is an auspicious planet in your birth chart.

Rahu is a malefic planet by nature and generates illusions most of the time. Generally malefic Rahu tends to give overambitions, manipulative things in life, materialistic approach, fond of spicy food, etc. Affliction of malefic Rahu to the benefic planets/houses tend to give concern, delay, denial,obstructions, hindrance in life.

Ketu is another malefic planet in your birth chart/ horoscope. Generally afflicting malefic Ketu gives emotional setbacks in life, separation, disability & miseries.

An Outlook of your life :

  • Health
  • Wealth & Gains
  • Education
  • Family Life
  • Profession
  • Life Partner
  • Mental Peace
  • Progeny

Your Strong Areas
The planetary configuration of your birth chart / horoscope indicates that you are a courageous, generous, sincere and honest person. You hold good amount of knowledge. In addition to this, you have been blessed with fine tastes, good listener, good etiquette and enjoying luxurious and comfortable life.

Your Weak Areas
You may get nervous or confused while you are under mental pressure. You should decide your priorities after deliberating all pros and cons carefully. In addition to this you should increase your efforts slightly more and express your views clearly, precisely. Above all you should not depend on the wisdom of others. You should also control your expenses.

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