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The lord of the house that governs children i.e. Jupiter and the significator of children i.e. Mercury are well placed in your birth chart/ horoscope. The good placement of the said planets is favourable for enjoying happiness on account of children. In brief, the planetary configuration of your birth chart/ horoscope is favourable from the viewpoint of children like birth of male child and helpful in their early settlement of life. In addition to that indications of enhancement in social esteem, family status are there on account of your children.

Your Health
The significator of vitality, resistance power i.e. Sun is strong & well placed in your chart/ horoscope. This indicates in enjoying good health and vitality. This planet also indicates good longevity in your case. However the partial influence of malefic Rahu on 6th house and placement of 12th lord malefic Moon(lord of losses, expenses) is in the house of ascendant may some times give concern & expenses on health ground, but in nut shell your health seems to be good & manageable.

Interpretation of Vimshottari Maha Dasha.
In Vedic Astrological readings, the life of a person is divided into various planetary periods that are called the main periods (Dashas). The Balance of Dasha at Birth is calculated with regard to the position of Moon at the time of birth of an individual. However the main periods of different planets have been divided into 120 years life cycle. In this cycle, each planet has been assigned certain number of years as under:

Planet Dasha :

  • Ketu
    7 Yrs.
  • Venus
    20 Yrs.
  • Sun
    6 Yrs.
  • Moon
    10 Yrs.
  • Mars
    7 Yrs.
  • Rahu
    18 Yrs.
  • Jupiter
    16 Yrs.
  • Saturn
    19 Yrs.
  • Mercury
    17 Yrs.

The Dashas occur in the order mentioned above, though the starting Dasha often runs in part, due to the location of the Moon in the birth chart. Each Dasha is further divided into Antardasha - sub periods, which are in the same proportion to the Mahadasha. For example, the sub-period of Mercury in the Main (Mahadasha) of Venus (period of 20 years) will be calculated as under:
Sub-period of Mercury in the Main-period of Venus =17 x 20 / 120 years = 340 / 120 years = 2 years and 10 months.
Also the first Antardasha (sub-period) of any Mahadasha will always be its own. This actually gives an unending cycle.

Main Period of Ketu: Oct. 4, 1972 to Aug. 24, 1975
You were born during the main period of malefic Ketu. At the time of your birth the sub period of Jupiter had been in operation. The well placement of malefic Ketu and Jupiter indicates a good period for your father, family growth and resources.
Ketu is a malefic planet in your chart and is placed in the house governing gains, elder brother, fulfillment of desires. Malefic Ketu is not casting its evil influence on any planet .You might have encountered some sort of general troubles such as coughs, colds, fevers or general weakness. In brief, the main period of malefic Ketu had been average with regard to your health .

Main Period of Venus- Aug. 25, 1975 to Aug. 24, 1995.
The subsequent main period belonged to benefic Venus and operated most of the time during your childhood & adolescence. Venus governs learning, physical growth, etc. in your chart/ horoscope. In addition to this, it is the natural significator for happiness, love & romance, emotions, character, personality, prosperity, general disposition in life etc. It also gives interest in art, entertainment, media etc. It is well placed in your birth chart and indicates that its main periods would had been very much favourable for enjoying good health, education, recognition, acquiring satisfactory social status, enjoying domestic life etc. You may had good support in terms of your primary education, academic activities etc. You must also had been a loving child in family, school & later on. Your birth chart indicates sharp abilities in learning/grasping, gaining important positions in institutions and achieving merit positions in activities.
|Favourable Periods: Aug. 25, 1975 to Dec 23 1979, Aug 24 1981 to Oct 23 1982, Oct 24 1985 to June 23, 1994.
Unfavourable Periods: Dec 24 1979 to Aug 23 1981, Oct 24 1982 to Oct 23 1985, June 24, 1994 to Aug. 24, 1995

Main Period of Sun : Aug. 25, 1995 to Aug. 23, 2001
Main period of Sun operated in your full youth. In your chart/ horoscope the planet Sun is benefic and well placed in the 2nd house of social esteem, professional status, marriage. It also rules marital matters, spouse & pleasure therefrom, relation with overseas & faraway places. The placement & strength of Sun is good and indicates interest in higher studies, relation with good respectable families, favorable in marriage & marital matters, favorable in desired gains, emotion and having children . This main period may have been favorable for your husband and also for your father. In addition to that planet Sun may had given you courage and capabilities to overall manage the things occurred in this main period. You may had opportunities for upgradation of skills which had been supportive in enhance of your aura, self esteem.

Favourable Periods: Aug. 25, 1995 to Oct 17, 1996, Sept 11, 1997 to Apr.17, 2000, Aug. 24, 2000 to Aug. 23, 2001

Unfavourable Periods: Oct 18, 1996 to Sept 10, 1997, Apr.17, 2000 to Aug. 23, 2000

Main Period of Moon: Aug. 24, 2001 to Aug. 24, 2011
Currently you are in the main period of malefic Moon. Moon is well placed in your birth chart/ horoscope but it has some evil influence on the house of ascendant & 7th house of spouse, pleasure therefom, travel. As a result of which, you are likely to encounter some sort of concern in enjoying some of its traits that have been mentioned above in their full strength in your usual life. For example such planetary configurations generally result in expenses on higher side, concern in relation with overseas, concern about social esteem, status, settlement of life, health concerns, etc, But your Moon is also under benefic influence of 5th lord Jupiter(lord of house of inclination, higher studies, intellect) which acts as a balancing factor in concern provided by the influence of malefic Moon.
Currently you are in the sub period of benefic Saturn in the main period of malefic Moon from Nov. 2005 to June 2007. Saturn is well placed in the house of profession and according to this sub period it should be favorable for enjoying professional aspects or its growth but in transit Saturn is passing through the house of losses/expenses in your case and also under influence of transit malefic Rahu till end of May 2006. It seems till May 2006 there would be concern, difficulties, challenges in desired success through profession. But thereafter May 2006, the transit influence of malefic Rahu on Saturn will be over and after Nov 2006, transit Saturn would leave the house of losses and would again be favorable for you. The following sub period of benefic well placed Mercury till June 2007 would also prove to be beneficial in starting new ventures, professional growth and derive maximum mileage of your efforts.
In brief, the main period of Moon would be slightly stressful for you. Therefore, you should be cautious and observe necessary precautions to enjoy adequate peace and prosperity and also avoid disagreement, difference of opinion in life, health and professional matters. I would also like to advise you to keep a check on you expense in day to day life during this main period of malefic Moon.

Favourable Periods: June 24, 2002 to Jan 23, 2003, July 24 2004 to Nov. 22, 2008, June 24 2009 to Aug. 24, 2011

Unfavourable Periods: Aug. 24, 2001 to June 23, 2002, Jan 24, 2003 to July 23, 2004, Nov. 23, 2008 to 23 June 2009.

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