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Name: XYZ
Date of birth: xx/xx/xxxx
Time of birth: xx/xx Hrs
Place of birth: XXXXX

The ascendant SAGITTARIUS was rising in the zodiac at the time of your birth. Moon was passing through the sign Gemini and Ardra constellation during that time. Therefore your Vedic ascendant is Sagittarius, the Vedic Moon sign is Gemini and the birth star is Ardra.

Role of planets in your birth chart / horoscope

Sun represents fate, fortune, father, traditions etc. in your horoscope. In addition to this it is the natural significator of authority, will power, superiors etc.
Moon stands for obstructions, ups and downs, inheritance, undue favours, marital bonding etc. horoscope. In addition to this it signifies mind, mental peace, mother, wife, wealth etc.
Mars governs intelligence, creativity, aptitude, children etc. in your horoscope. In addition to this it is the natural significator of courage, property, energy, executive qualities etc.
Mercury represents the house of profession in your horoscope and signifies assessment power, accountability, analytical and decisive powers, communications skills, power of discrimination etc.
Jupiter stands for health in your horoscope. It is the natural significator of sober, sincere, generous nature, sincerity, teacher, wealth, knowledge and children.
Venus rules income, gains, desires, friends etc. in your horoscope. In addition to this it signifies luxuries, material comforts, love, romance, pleasures, enjoyments, wife, vehicles etc.
Saturn represents efforts, ambitions, courage, expression power etc. in your horoscope. It also signifies obstructions and delays.
Rahu is a natural malefic planet and generates illusions. People under its influence generally become overconfident and underestimate situations around them.
Ketu is another malefic planet and generally retards the growth of the traits of the houses or planets that are under its close influence. In addition to this it causes miseries.

An Outlook of your life :

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Profession
  • Spouse
  • Progeny Bliss
  • Mental Peace

Your Strong Areas
You are a talented, regal, affable person and hold good amount of knowledge. You have been blessed with extraordinary organizing ability as well as power to govern, to direct as well as to supervise other people.

Your Weak Areas
You become nervous or confused while you are under mental pressure. You should imbibe confidence, avoid taking hasty decisions and should not blindly rely on others. It would be further beneficial to air your views clearly and precisely.

Different aspects of your life

Your Parents and Siblings
The lord of the house governing profession i.e. Mercury is weak in your birth chart due to the influence of a malefic planet Ketu on it. Its natal weakness results in ups and downs in professional career or some kind of difficulties in achieving professional success of a high order. This might be due to any reason. Therefore, you should remain careful from the professional viewpoint and stick to a suitable job or field as long as possible. It would be further beneficial to improve your knowledge of accounts and keep important records intact. Above all you should improve your organizing abilities, avoid cropping up differences with higher ups and take significant decisions rather carefully.

Your Professional career
Venus represents the house of income in your birth chart. It is favourably placed in the house of wealth and social status. Its good placement is a positive feature for earning satisfactory income. However the natal weakness of the planets representing inheritance and properties are indicative of lack or loss of inheritance and difficulties in acquiring properties and assets.
In other words, the planetary configuration of your birth chart is a moderate one from the monetary viewpoint. Therefore you should keep a tab on expenses and avoid borrowing/lending substantial sums of money.

Your Relations with Parents and Siblings:
The natural significators of father and mother i.e. Sun and Moon are weak in your birth chart. Such planetary weaknesses indicate that you might have experienced certain problems in enjoying parental bliss of a high order. This might have been due to some kind of problems on account of your parents or your difference of opinion with them. Therefore you need to remain careful in this regard. However you are likely to enjoy a moderate level of relationship with your siblings.

Your Marital Life:
The good placement of Venus the significator of love, romance, pleasures and enjoyments is a positive feature in your birth chart and favourable for enjoying romantic pleasures. However the inherent weakness of Moon the planet that represents marital bonding and signifies wife results in difficulties in enjoying a blissful and long lasting marital life. Therefore you need to remain careful regarding personal life and try to avoid circumstances that might result in differences with your spouse. Such an effort would be advantageous for enjoying a peaceful and prosperous marital life in your case.

Your Children:
The lord of the house-governing children i.e. Mars is placed in its own sign i.e. Scorpio in your birth chart. Such planetary configurations are usually favourable for enjoying happiness on account of children. However the natal weakness of Jupiter the natural significator of children would result in certain problems in enjoying progeny bliss of a very high order. This might be due to delay in birth of children or some kind of problems on account of your children. 

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