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Brief Introduction:

  1. Your Vedic Birth Ascendant
    Taurus at 20 degrees 25 mnts.
  2. Your Vedic Moon Sign
  3. Your Birth Constellation
  4. Your Sun Sign

Role of Planets::

Sun - Sun represents basic education, parents, vehicles, domestic peace, properties etc. in your horoscope and naturally signifies vitality, will power, dignity, authority, higher ups, father, respect, organizing abilities, immunity etc.
Moon - Moon stands for efforts, ambitions, courage, communications etc. in your horoscope. In addition to this it is the significator of mind, mental peace, mother, wealth, wife etc.
Mars - Mars is lord of the house representing losses, expenses on health, conjugal life, unforeseen expenses, foreign etc. in your horoscope. It is the natural significator of courage, property, energy, younger siblings, executive qualities etc.
Mercury - Mercury represents intelligence, children, creativity, inclinations, emotions, thoughts etc. in your Horoscope. In addition to this, it signifies speech, intellect, reasoning, evaluating, decisive powers etc.
Jupiter - Jupiter is lord of the house governing obstructions, marital bonding, inheritance, undue favours, unexpected gains, misfortunes, disgrace etc. in your Horoscope. In addition to this, it is the natural significator of wealth, knowledge, divine grace, sobriety, generosity, children etc.
Venus- Venus represents resistance power, diseases, debts, competition, litigation, confrontation etc. in your Horoscope. In addition to this it naturally signifies luxuries, material comforts, romantic pleasures, females, wife, marital life enjoyments, vehicles, etc.
Saturn - Saturn. Is a Yog Karak i.e. an extra ordinarily benefic planet for you and governs vocation, profession, ambition etc. in your Horoscope. It also signifies hard work, labour, discipline, delays, obstructions etc.
Rahu - Rahu is an inauspicious planet and creates false hopes in routine life. It makes a person over-confident ultimately leading to frustration.
Ketu - Ketu is another inauspicious planet. It does not let a person enjoy the traits of the planets or houses that are under its close influence. It causes miseries as well.

An Outlook of your life :

  • WIFE

Your Strength:
You are a wise, clever, practical person and hold good amount of knowledge. Your will power is quite strong and morals are praise-worthy. In addition to this you are practical in nature, polished in manners and enjoy living luxuriously. Above all your resistance power is quite strong and you are capable enough to bounce back even in a serious crisis.

Your Weakness:
You need to work a bit hard to attain your aims. It would be further beneficial to avoid taking hasty decisions, not to readily rely on others and keep important records intact. Above all you need to improve your communication skills also.

Overall Analysis of Your Horoscope

Professional Career:
The planet Saturn represents the house of profession and Sun signifies social standing in your horoscope. Both the planets re favourably placed as well as in ample strength. This indicates that your professional skills are praise-worthy and would help you to achieve professional success, earn handsome income as well as enjoy social status of a high order. However you usually suffer from forgetfulness and lack the desired knowledge of accounts. At times these shortcomings may lead to problems in your professional career. In order to overcome these you are advised to keep an eye on your accounts and maintain important records in a proper way. It would also be of great benefit to you if you stop depending on the wisdom of others.

A careful analysis of the strength and weaknesses of various planets indicates that the fields related to medical, medicine, management, consultancy service, fine arts, engineering, articles of luxuries and comforts, hotels, iron, leather, oil, trades related to fire, chemicals, energy or metals etc. would be quite suitable for you.

Financial Status:
The lords of the houses representing properties, debts and the planets that signify luxuries and material comforts etc. are favourably placed as well as in sufficient potency in your horoscope. Such planetary configurations are favourable for acquiring properties, assets, paying back or recovering loans as well as enjoying luxurious and comfortable life style. However the natal weakness of the planet representing inheritance indicates lack or loss of inherited property or difficulties in enjoying undue favours or unexpected wealth or gains. Therefore you should be careful regarding legacy, if any.

Your Parents and Siblings:
The planet Sun represents the house of parents in your horoscope. It is favourably placed as well as in strong strength in your horoscope. Its good placement and strength indicate that you have been blessed with affluent parents. In addition to this such planetary placements are advantageous for enjoying sufficient parental bliss. Despite of this the natural significator of your mother i.e. Moon is weak in potency due to its placement in the house representing diseases. The natal weakness of Moon indicates some kind of problem to your mother might be related to her health.

I would like to mention that the weakness of Moon in your horoscope had been the prime factor an untimely demise of your respected mother. Needless to say, the horoscopes of your mother, father and other family members had also their say in this regard. It is pertinent to mention that the planets that signify your mother in the horoscopes of your other members would also be weak in strength and resulted in her death. Had the above-mentioned planetary weaknesses been of moderate level then she should have suffered from physical sufferings only. Notwithstanding the above, you are likely to enjoy harmonious relationship with your sister.

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