Sample Astrological Life Reading Of  VIRGO

Name: XYZ
Date of birth: xx/xx/xxxx
Time of birth: xx/xx Hrs
Place of birth: XXXXX

The ascendant VIRGO was rising in the zodiac when you were born. Your Sun sign is Leo and Moon sign is Libra. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Moon are benefic planets and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu are malefic planets for you.
The sign Virgo is governed be Mercury, which is supposed to be an inconstant planet. Consequently they are fond of frequent changes. However, they are very conscientious and capable of handling even unfavourable situations. They are through and methodical, practical and discriminative but they are likely to lack will power. Virgo is an earthy sign. As a result of which,the natives possess desire to save money. They have sound commercial instinct and they want to become rich as quickly as possible. They generally do well in the professions related to medicine, auditing, journalism, teaching, commercial agencies, accountancy, law, statistics etc. In addition this they enjoy their recognition in technological & analytical fields.
In your case the following planets play their role according to their strength, placement, functional nature etc.

Role of planets in your birth chart / horoscope
Sun is lord of the 12th house (ascendant) in your birth chart / horoscope. This house governs overseas, expenses, losses, hospitalization, conjugal life, bed comforts. Sun is also natural significator for administrative abilities, authoritativeness, initiative, learning abilities, etc. In addition to this Sun also rules will power, superiors, father, fame, respect, vitality, immunity in life.
Moon is lord of the 11th house in your birth chart/ horoscope. This house governs gains, fulfillment of desires, friends/elder brother, global awareness etc. In addition to this Moon is the natural significator of mind, mental peace, mother etc.
Mars is lord of the 8th house in your chart/ horoscope. This house governs long marital tie, inheritance, accidents, humiliation, frustration, obstruction, hurdles.etc. In addition to this Mars is the natural significator of energy, younger siblings, courage etc.
Mercury is lord of the 1st house in your birth chart/ horoscope. This house governs happiness, decision, mind, head, status, recognition. In addition to this Mercury is karka for assumption power, communication ability, learning, speculation etc.

Venus is lord of the 2nd house in your birth chart. This house governs accumulation of wealth, continuance of family, social status, speech, vision etc. In addition to this it is natural significator for happiness, love & romance, emotions, character, personality, prosperity, general disposition in life, desires and their fulfillment etc. It also gives interest in art, entertainment, media etc.

Jupiter is lord of the 4th house in your birth chart/ horoscope. This house governs parents, vehicles, domestic peace, education, properties, resources etc. In addition to this it is also Karka for morality, prosperity, interest in religion & education etc. as Jupiter is the divine planet in the zodiac configuration.

Saturn is lord of your 6th house which rules diseases, debts, theft, competitions, resistance power, litigation, disputes etc. In addition to this, Saturn is the natural significator of labour, industrious nature, old things, discipline etc.
Rahu is a malefic planet by nature and generates illusions most of the time. Generally malefic Rahu tends to give overambitions, manipulative things in life, materialistic approach, fond of spicy food, etc. Affliction of malefic Rahu to the benefic planets/houses tend to give concern, delay, denial, obstructions, hindrance in life.
Ketu is another malefic planet in your birth chart/ horoscope. Generally afflicting malefic Ketu gives emotional setbacks in life, separation, disability & miseries.

An Outlook of your life :

  • Health
    Average & Vulnerable
  • Wealth & Gains
  • Education
  • Family Life
  • Profession
  • Life Partner
  • Mental Peace
  • Progeny

Your Strong Areas
The analysis indicates that you are a courageous and energetic person. In addition to this you possess fine tastes, good etiquette and enjoying luxuries and material comforts to your satisfaction. Above all your will power is quite strong and you have been blessed with excellent managerial, communicative and executive abilities. Your success & recognition mainly rests on your deeds, hard work and dedication.

Your Weak Areas
You are required to decide your priorities after deliberating all pros and cons carefully. It would be further beneficial for you not to depend on the wisdom of others. You should avoid yourself from difference of opinion which can be leading to losses. Health sometimes may be a part of concern, therefore needs caution in day to day life, intake of food etc as 6th lord Saturn is badly placed in the house of losses and Mercury(prime significator for health) is badly placed in the 12th house and under influence of malefic Saturn. This combination also indicates losses through difference of opinion and conflicts. Choosing of Life partner also needs caution as your Venus (lord of continuation of family life, significator for marital harmony) & Jupiter (lord of domestic peace) are weak due to strength & affliction.

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