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The Dashas occur in the order mentioned above, though the starting Dasha often runs in part, due to the location of the Moon in the birth chart. Each Dasha is further divided into Antardasha – sub periods, which are in the same proportion to the Mahadasha. For example, the sub-period of Mercury in the Main (Mahadasha) of Venus (period of 20 years) will be calculated as under:

Sub-period of Mercury in the Main-period of Venus =17 x 20 / 120 years = 340 / 120 years = 2 year and 10 months.

Also the first Antardasha (sub-period) of any Mahadasha will always be its own. This actually gives an unending cycle.

Analysis of Mahadashas Main period of Sun - 19 July 1969 to 31 July 1974
You were born during the main period of the Sun. Sun governs Longevity, Vitality Obstructions, Father etc. Sun is beneficially placed in your birth chart/horoscope and it is not casting its malefic influence / aspect on any benefic house or planet. On the whole this should have been a good period for you, except for the:

Sub-period of Rahu from 23 Sep to 1969 to 18 July 1970
Sub-period of Saturn from 6 June 1971 to 18 April 1972
Sub-period of Mercury from 18 May 1972
Sub-period of Ketu that operated from 25 March 1973 to 30 July 1973 might have been difficult period for you.

The close influence of Rahu and Ketu on moon might have caused problem to your mother. The weakness of moon might have caused frequent coughs and colds to you. Similarly the exact aspect of Rahu on Mercury might have been troublesome for your father. Fortune etc. weakness of Saturn might have resulted in few difficulties in the family etc. In brief the main period of sun might have blessed you with mixed results.

Main period of Moon: - 31July 1974 to 30 July 1984
Moon is a benefic planet in your birth chart/horoscope. Moon governs the house of partnership, foreign travels etc. It also signifies the Mind, Mental Peace, Mother, Chest, and Liquids in Body etc. Moon is weak in your birth chart/horoscope due to its placement close to Rahu/Ketu in axis. The weakness of moon might not have been beneficial for you to bless with its significations in full strength. The placement of moon in the house of obstruction has turned it weaker. As a result of which the overall main period of moon might not have been much beneficial for you. During this period, you mother may have suffered on account of some problems. You might have suffered from frequent cough and colds in this period.

However, the following sub-periods of benefic planets could have given you better results. These periods would have been from:

31 May 1975 to 30 Dec 1975 – sub-period of Mars, which governs education,
30 June 1977 to 30 Oct 1978 – sub period of Jupiter, which governs knowledge
31May 1982 to 29 Jan 1984 – sub period of Venus, which governs the house of profession.

During these benefic periods, you would have progressed, especially with respect to your educational accomplishments. You might have to work little harder in the rest of the periods. The weakness of Mercury might have resulted in poor memory and weakness in the subjects involving calculation. It might have turned you nervous and confused beside lack of good memory.

Main period of Mars – 30 July 1984 to 31 July 1991
Mars is a benefic planet in your birth chart/horoscope. It governs the House of Education, Parents, Properties, Assets, Vehicles, and Domestic Peace etc. In addition to this Mars signifies Courage, Energy, Leadership, Muscle Power and Blood. Good Disposition of Mars might have blessed you with the matters mentioned above to great extent. The benefic aspect of Mars on the houses governing Education, Social Status, Intelligence, Learning, Knowledge and Competition might have been favourable for you also in these areas.
In brief the main period of Mars at such a growing age might have been beneficial to acquire educational accomplishment with ease. I would like to mention that the sub-period of malefic and weak planets might have caused few difficulties or challenges to you. Even then, the overall period may be classified as a benefic period with respect to your educational accomplishments.

Main period of Rahu 31 July 1991 to 30 July 2009
Rahu is a malefic planet. It hardly gives positive or favourable results. It gives rise to false hopes. If Rahu has a close influence on any house or planet, then it spoils the significations of that house or planet, even though under such circumstances the person is often over-confident of his capabilities. On the other hand he may under estimate things around him.
In your birth chart/horoscope, Rahu is casting its close influence on Mercury as well as Moon. As a result of this, your Assessment Power, Accountability, Decisive Power, Power of Discrimination etc. would become weak. This could cause you to get nervous or confused while you are under mental pressure. In addition to this weakness of Mercury, as lord of the Ninth house is likely to give rise to trouble to or from father. During this period, you may have to face struggles and hurdles and it may also involve you in unnecessary disputes or litigation etc.
The influence of Rahu on Moon is not favourable for peaceful partnership / married life. You are likely to experience fluctuation or difficulties in your marital life / partnership. It may disturb your mental peace as well. The weakness of moon is not beneficial for your spouse.

Main period of Rahu and the Sub-period of Rahu (from 31 July 1991 to 12 April 1994)

During this period you might have faced few of the problems mentioned above.

Main period of Rahu and the Sub-period of Jupiter ( 12 April 1994 to 4 September 1996 ) will be generally good for you. Jupiter is posited in the house of spirituality and fortune. Its strength might have been beneficial for acquiring good knowledge. Therefore the sub-period of Jupiter might have blessed you with good results.

Main period of Rahu and the sub-period of Saturn (from 4 Sep 1996 to 12July 1999)
Saturn is a benefic planet in your Birth Chart/horoscope and governs the house of your Health in General, Social Status, Cordiality in Family, Accumulation of Wealth etc. As a result of this, you were destined to benefit with the signification mentioned here. However, due to the weakness of Saturn caused by its debilitation, might not allow you to get the full benefit of these areas. You might have face difficulty in acquiring or attaining Social Status, Accumulation of Wealth etc.

A delay or difficulty is indicated in establishing your own family i.e. getting married as well. You might have felt insecure in this sub-period with regard to your status as a struggle in attaining status is indicated in your birth chart/horoscope.

Main period of Rahu and sub period of Mercury (from 13th July 1999 to 29 Jan 2002)
Currently you are passing through this period. As explained earlier, Mercury is a benefic planet in your birth chart/horoscope but is weak. Its location in the house of disputes, Litigation, Debts, Diseases etc. is not favourable for you. You may have to work hard to get positive results in this sub period. Troubles to / from father are indicated in such periods. Also, during this period, we would advise you to be very careful while taking decision and to ensure that all the arrangements are well documented. It would do you a world of good if you were to make sure that all your arrangements especially those that have a financial implication are well documented. It will also be better for you to have a copy of these documents stored at a safe place. Please make sure that you do not lend any money during this period, and if you have to do so, ensure that you are adequately secured about this. You should always weigh all pros and cons carefully before taking final decision.

You may also face tension regarding your Marriage, Inheritance, and Reputation etc. during the period from June 2000 to August 2000. During this period, you should be flexible and accommodative with persons in Authority, your seniors and Superiors, Father etc.
The period during 15 August 2000 to 15 November 2000 might be especially challenging period for you. The period during May 2001 to April 2001 might be such a period in which you may face difficulties with regard to your family or social status. Therefore you may be little condition during this period.

Main period of Rahu and Sub period of Ketu (from 29 Jan 2002 to 16 Feb 2003)
The sub period of Ketu will operate during 29 Jan 2002 to 16 Feb 2003 . Ketu is another malefic planet in your birth chart/horoscope. It is placed close to benefic moon. As a result of which you may face fluctuation with respect to your married life / partnership. You may suffer from disturbed of your mental peace during this period. Problem to / from your Mother / Wife is indicated in this period. It might be the cause of disturbance of your mental peace. Therefore you may observe the necessary precautions during this period to avoid any inconvenience.

Main period of Rahu and sub period of Venus 16 Feb 2003 to 16 Feb 2006
The sub period of Venus will be operational from 16 Feb 2003 to 16 Feb 2006 . Venus is a benefic planet in your birth chart/horoscope. It has to bless you with extra ordinary benefits. It governs the house of Progeny, Vocation, and Intelligence etc. In addition to this, as it is placed in strength in your birth chart/horoscope, it has to bless you with Luxuries, Material Comforts, Wife, Vehicles, Professional Satisfaction etc.
This is a period you must make the most of. We suggest that you plan all your present activities with this period in mind, as during this time you will receive all round support for your professional / vocational life. Your services will be much in demand and you will be sought after. We would advice you to try to touch professional heights during this period. During this phase, your married life will be good. This period will also be good for your wife. You can benefit from issues related to children.

Main period of Rahu and sub period of Sun (from 16 Feb 2006 to 11 Jan 2007)
The period might be a bit difficult for you. We would advise to take care of your Health, Inheritance, Spouse etc., in this sub period. You may not find favours from your superiors. Therefore, try to keep a lower profile during this sub period.

Main period of Rahu and sub period of Moon (from 11 Jan 2007 to 12 July 2008 )
The health of your spouse might cause worries to you. You may take steps accordingly in this period.

Main period of Rahu and sub-period of Mars (from 12 July 2008 to 30 July 2009)
Mars is the benefic place and governs the house of domestic bliss and income in your birth chart/horoscope. The sub period of Mars will be favourable for enjoying domestic bliss, purchasing and adding to your own properties etc. The period is going to be beneficial for elevation of your income and fulfillment of your desires. In brief the sub period of Mars will be beneficial from the point of View of Social status, Family, Wealth, Properties, Progeny, Health etc.

Main period of Jupiter 30 July 2009 to 30 July 2025
Your Main Period of Jupiter starts from 30th July 2009 and will be running for 16 years. Jupiter is the lord of the house of efforts, all things of foreign origin. It is also the lord of the house of expenses in your birth chart/horoscope. In addition to this, it governs Knowledge, Wealth Children, Sincerity, Generous Nature, Soberness, Divine Grace, Spirituality, etc. Its location in the house of Fortune, matters related to foreign origin, Religion, Tradition etc. is a beneficial planetary configuration for you.

Main period of Jupiter and sub period of Jupiter (from 30 July 2009 to 17 Sep. 2011)
You are likely to enjoy the signification's mentioned above to a large extent. For example, you may have to frequently travel to foreign countries or even may have to stay overseas for a short period of time. The period is also likely to be favourable for your health, efforts, intelligence, progeny etc.

Main period of Jupiter and sub period of Saturn (from 17 Sep 2011 to 31 March 2014)
Though Saturn period is a benefic planet in your birth chart/horoscope but it's natal weakness may not bless you with its signification to great extent. Tension with regard to social status or family is likely to prevail in this period. This may occasionally give rise to insecurities in your mind. Therefore, you are advised to work hard in this sub period. You may suffer from painful conditions of legs in this sub period.

Main period of Jupiter and sub period of Mercury(from 31 March 2014 to 5 July 2017)
As mentioned earlier Mercury is a benefic planet but it is weak and badly placed. As a result of this, you are likely do face hardships in this sub period. We would advise you to take care to your health, especially the nervous system. It may be beneficial to you to start meditation, as it will help you to maintain your cool at all times and also allow you dispassionately decide about important matters. Since Mercury governs neurology in the human body, its weakness may give rise to neurological problem such as Numbness, Confusion, and Disturbance in Sleep as also Diseases Related to Intestines.

Main period of Jupiter and sub period of Ketu (from 5 July 2017 to 11 June 2017)
Looking into the conjunction of benefic moon with malefic Ketu, we would advise you to be careful with respect to your Wife, Partnership, and Partners etc. As mentioned earlier, Moon is weak in your birth chart as a result of which your mental peace may be disturbed at times. You may also suffer from upper respiratory problem, hypertension etc., in this sub period.

The purpose of writing the names of different ailment is just to put you on alert, so that you can take care of these areas of your health much before they crop up, due to advancement of your age. Necessary precautions might be helpful to lead a healthy as well as trouble free life.

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