Relocation report analysis

Relocation report analysis help you determine where and when is the best time to move to a new area, as you are transferred by your company or relocating by yourself or spending extended vacation time. Only divine science of astrology can provide the knowledge and guidance that will help lead you to the right decision and make suggestions for the best way to enjoy in new area. Relocation Analysis Reports can help you make decisions about when to travel and astrological relocation reports can help you know the type of forthcoming experience you find in the new location.

Relocation Report Analysis is interpreted according to your natal birth chart / horoscope, providing current transit influence of planets based on the date, time, and the place of your birth. For example, in native birth chart / horoscope, if many benefic planets are transiting through 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th & other houses and there is no influence of transit malefic Rahu, Ketu and other malefic planets, and current & forthcoming main & sub operating periods are of strong, well placed benefic planets, then the native may have a successful and pleasurable transfer or relocation.

On the other hand if the planets are transiting through 6th, 8th, 12th house of your natal birth chart / horoscope and duly afflicted by transit malefic planets or in his/her natal birth chart / horoscope the benefic planets are weak and main & sub operating periods are of malefic Rahu, Ketu or lords of houses 6th, 8th & 12th, then the native may face difficulties or delay or denial in his travel/trip and there may also be harmful effects such as accidents, loss of property, indulgement in arguments/riots/fights during relocation/travel or in the new place.

So, If you're planning a move or planning an extended holiday, the relocation analysis report can help you know whether it would be beneficial or not.
In this section the native's birth chart / horoscope is analyzed manually & personally interpreted by Mr. Narinder Juneja considering all the strong & weak points in your natal birth chart / horoscope and further analyzing the impact of transit to transit, transit to natal and natal to transit influences. Overall the
experience of the Astrologer in analyzing the birth chart / horoscope counts.
Many of our customers have been receiving consultations in this regard
saving their precious time, health & money in getting advices to these crucial decisions.


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