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Question: Over 20 years ago I, along with 3 more of my partners, got involved in a court excise criminal case. In the lower court the case was decided against us. We have gone into an appeal. When will the case be decided and whether it will be in our favour or against?

Answer: The analysis indicates that the lord of the house representing disputes and litigation i.e. Saturn is well placed in its own sign i.e. Capricorn in your horoscope. Such planetary configurations are usually favourable for overcoming adversaries or winning the lawsuits. However it is under the close influence of Mars the planet representing obstructions in your horoscope. The malefic nature and influence of Mars on Saturn sometimes results in occasional health problems, loss in disputes/litigation or overcoming adversaries. Hence you need to observe precautions in the matters pertaining to disputes/litigation. It would be further beneficial to avoid taking hasty decisions and take consent of your Council before giving any statement in legal proceedings.

At present you are passing through the sub period of Sun in the main period of Mercury. Its sub period has been in operation from 28th August 2006 and would last till 4th July 2007. Sun represents unforeseen expenses, losses, expenses on health, imprisonment etc. in your horoscope and signifies social status, authority, Government etc.
Sun is although well placed but is weak in your horoscope. Its natal weakness indicates that you might suffer on account of health and your expenses might shoot up during the present sub period. Your social status might fluctuate or you would encounter difficulties in enjoying favours from the person in authority. To remain on the safer side you should take care of health, keep expenses under control and take necessary steps to enjoy desired favours from the higher ups or the person in authority and let the present sub period pass.

Keeping in view the prevalent social conditions it is impossible to predict the period of final outcome of your appeal. However the chances of the decision of Court coming in your favour are bleak till 4th July 2007. An improvement in this regard is indicated from 5th July 2007 and the period till 2nd December 2008 is favourable for the decision coming in your favour.


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