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Name: xxxxx xxxxx
Date of Birth: xx xx 19xx
Time of Birth: xx:xx:xx Hrs.
Place of Birth: Jodhpur, India

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Question: I seek your guidance for my daughter xxxxx, who is 22 yrs. old, after failing twice, passed her B.COM this year. She is very keen to pursue MBA but owing poor marks, could not get admission anywhere so again sitting at home without anything to do and wondering what is in store for her future - ACADEMICALLY, CAREERWISE or when will she get MARRIED?? You are requested to kindly provide your guidance on her future and also the remedies including wearing of astrological stones etc.

Answer:The analysis of the horoscope of xxxxx indicates that she is a sober sincere, generous person and holds good amount of knowledge. Her intellect is sharp and efforts are of a high order. She has natural empathy with beauty, aesthetic and relates to everything that is a product of beauty whether in form, colour, sound or outline. Above all she possess fine tastes, good etiquette, enjoys living luxuriously and places the highest value on the material comforts.

Regarding your queries, Sun the planet signifying the field of Management and Administration is weak in her birth chart. As a result of which she would encounter difficulties in achieving success of a high order in the fields related to management. Hence pursuing the MBA would not prove much beneficial for her. Needless to say that she is likely to excel in the fields related to Fine Arts, Communications, Teaching, Editing, Marketing, Tourism, Beauty, Luxuries and Comforts, Designing, Interior Decoration etc. Therefore she should prefer to pursue education/Upgrade professional knowledge/skills further in the fields related to one of these fields. Notwithstanding the above the period till 4th November 2008 is favourable in this regard.

This is pertinent to mention that the lords of the houses governing profession and i.e. Moon and the Sun are although favourably placed but are weak in her birth chart. Such planetary weaknesses usually result in ups and downs in professional career and instability in or dissatisfaction from income coupled with mental stress. In other words the planetary configuration of her birth chart is just a moderate one from the professional viewpoint. Hence she needs to work hard in order to enjoy satisfaction from her professional achievements.

I would like to point out that the good placement and strength of the planets representing husband, marital life etc. is a positive feature in her birth chart and would be conducive for enjoying a blissful marital life in her case. However the natal weakness of the lord of the house governing marriage i.e. Mars and signifying patience and temperament is likely to result in slight delay in solemnising her marriage or occasional problems on account of her marital life. To remain on the safer side her life partner should be selected rationally. It would be further beneficial for her to observe patience, maintain calm and as far as possible avoid cropping up differences with her future husband.

Despite all these the time frames from February 2007 to June 2008 and November 2008 to March 2009 are favourable regarding her personal life. In other words it is quite possible that she would get married during one of the above-mentioned time frames. Needless to say that her marital life would be more colourful and blissful in case she incorporates that approach suggested above.


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