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Question: I am in lot of debt from my education and I have to still go for higher education for another 4 years. Only a sponsorship /scholarship or a lottery could help me in my situation. I am very worried about the money part. I want to know if some one will help me with my finances as it is very big money as dental education is very expensive in USA. Only a miracle can help me.

Answer: I have analysed your horoscope with respect to your question.
The analysis indicates that the lord of the house governing education is weak in your horoscope due to its placement in an evil house. Its natal weakness often results in some kind of disturbance in acquiring education may be due to any reason. Therefore you should pay due attention towards your educational pursuits.

Presently you are passing through the sub period of Ketu in the main period of Rahu. This sub period has been in operation from 24th September 2007 and would last till 11th October 2008. Ketu is a malefic planet and retards the growth of the traits of the houses or planets that are under its influence. Its influence in your horoscope is likely to result in difficulties in overcoming adversary, disturbance in acquiring education or attaining your aims during its sub period. Therefore you need to work hard and manage your studies during the present sub period.
You would be passing through the sub period of Venus in the main period of Rahu from 12th October 2008 to 11th October 2011. Venus is a benefic planet in your horoscope and represents emotions, intelligence, creativity, innovation etc. and signifies luxuries and comforts. It is favourably placed in your horoscope and influencing the house of income, gains and desires. Thus its sub period would be favourable for attaining education, fulfilling desires, enjoying friendly/intimate relationships as well as a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.
Regarding your question you would find the period till October 2008 to be demanding from the viewpoint of your career. Therefore you should work hard and let this period pass. An improvement in this regard is indicated from November 2008 and the period thereafter would be favourable for attaining education may be by virtue of support from someone close to you or a member of opposite sex .


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