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Time of Birth: XX:XX:XX Hrs.
Place of Birth: London, England

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The analysis indicates that the lord of the house governing continuance of family i.e. Saturn is well placed as well as in strong strength in your birth chart / horoscope . Its good placement and strength are favourable for enjoying family life. However Jupiter the planet that naturally signifies children is weak in strength. In addition to this the planets Moon and Venus that signify Gynecological and reproductive system in human body are also weak in potency.

From the astrological viewpoint such planetary weaknesses result in difficulties in enjoying happiness on account of children. In other words, the planetary configuration of your birth chart / horoscope  is weak from the viewpoint of progeny. In order to compensate the above-mentioned planetary weaknesses you should strengthen the natal weak planets in your birth chart / horoscope . It would be further beneficial to undergo the specialised medical treatment in this regard.

This is pertinent to mention that all formulae of timing of event prove to be the failures in case the planets pertaining to a particular event are weak in potency. Keeping in mind the above it is impossible for me to predict the exact dates following which you would be conceived. Notwithstanding the above in the immediate future the months of May 2007, August-September and November 2007 are comparatively favourable regarding your query provided you undertake the requisite medical treatment and the natal weak planets in your birth chart / horoscope do not play the spoilsport.


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