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Name: xxxxxxx xxxxxx
Date of Birth: xx xxxx 19xx
Time of Birth: xx:xx:xx Hrs.
Place of Birth: Calcutta, India

Your Horoscope

Question: What is the luck of having a baby?

Answer:  I have examined your birth chart / horoscope with regard to your question.

The examination indicates that the lord of the house governing children and the planet that naturally signifies children i.e. Mars and Jupiter are although well placed but weak in strength in your chart / horoscope . The inherent weakness of the said planets usually results in difficulties in enjoying happiness on account of children. This might be due to delay in birth of children and is some cases this might give rise to some kind of problems to or from the viewpoint of children. In other words the natal weakness of the planets Mars and Jupiter has been the reason for difficulties in enjoying progeny bliss in your case.

Presently you are passing through the sub period of Venus in the main period of Mercury. Its sub period has been in operation from 15th March 2005 and would last till 13th January 2008. Venus being lord of the house governing desires is well placed in the house of family in your birth chart / horoscope . Its good placement is a positive feature and could be advantageous for fulfilling your desire during the present sub period.

This is pertinent to mention that the period from January 2008 to September 2008 is a favourable one with regard to your query. Hence it is quite possible that you would be blessed with a child during this time frame. Needless to say that you should take the opinion of medical experts also and if required should undergo the requisite medical treatment.

I would like to point out that the planetary configuration of the birth chart / horoscope of your wife has also equal say in this matter. Therefore I would advise you to get her chart / horoscope also analysed in this regard.


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