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According to your submitted data xxxx xx, 19xx, 8:56 AM, xxxx, USA

The ascendant Gemini was rising in the zodiac when you were born. The Moon was passing through the sign Leo, therefore your Vedic ascendant is Gemini and the Vedic Moon sign is Pisces. Your Sun sign is Taurus

Role of Planets:

Sun is lord of the 3rd house in your birth chart. This house governs administrative abilities, authoritativeness, initiative, communication/learning abilities, younger brother, etc. In addition to this Sun is the natural significator for will power, superiors, father, fame, respect, vitality, immunity etc.

Moon is lord of the 2nd house in your birth chart. This house governs status thru profession, social esteem, continuation of family life, gains, accumulated wealth. In addition to this Moon is the natural significator of mind, mental peace, mother, wealth etc.

Mars is lord of the 11th house in your chart. This house governs gains, friends, elder brother, income, prosperity etc. In addition to this Mars is the natural significator of energy, younger siblings, courage etc.

Mercury is lord of the 4th house in your birth chart. This house governs domestic peace, resources, mother, vehicle & movable/immovable assets. In addition to this Mercury is karka for assumption power, communication ability, learning, speculation etc

Venus is lord of the 5th house in your birth chart. This house governs emotions, children, higher studies, stomach, speculation etc. In addition to this it is natural significator for happiness, love & romance, emotions, character, personality, prosperity, general disposition in life, desires and their fulfillment etc. It also gives interest in art, entertainment, media etc.

Jupiter is lord of the 7th house in your birth chart. This house governs life partner & pleasure therefrom, partnerships, residence abroad, travel etc. In addition to this it is also Karka for morality, prosperity, interest in religion & education etc. as Jupiter is the divine planet in the zodiac configuration.

Saturn is lord of your 9th house which rules father/future/fortune, religion and early settlement of life.This house also governs mind, intelligence, speculative gains, learning, inclinations etc. In addition to this, Saturn is the natural significator of labour, industrious nature, old things, discipline etc

Rahu is a malefic planet by nature and generates illusions most of the time. Generally malefic Rahu tends to give overambitions, manipulative things in life,
materialistic approach, fond of spicy food, etc

Ketu is another malefic planet in your birth chart. Generally malefic Ketu gives enlightenment. If it is afflicting in the natal chart it gives emotional setbacks in life, disability & miseries.

Your Query

I wish to move away from Oregon in order to find freedom from my parents and become a whole person. My two choices are Massachusetts and Sweden (I have Swedish citizenship and relatives there). I intend to move this summer. Which of these two places should I move to, or would it not be good for me to move in the near future?

I have analyzed your birth chart. In your case change of place or residence at far away places is indicative in your birth chart. You should choose your place according to your academic & technical profile with opportunities existing for you over there. Beside this if you feel that your relatives may be a helping hand for you, you should prefer that. There are indications that your academic/technical profile & support from nears & dears may be helpful for settling down.

All the best and try to perform the prescribed Astral remedies promptly.

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