Saturn  Transit Report

Saturn is said to be in transit when it moves over the twelfth, first and second houses from the Moon sign in a person’s natal chart. It occurs in 2½ years’ cycle and three such cycles are together known as the Sade - Sati of Saturn or the 7½ years’ cycle of Saturn. During such a cycle the role of Moon assumes paramount significance. Moon is essentially the planet that helps us to regain our state of happiness/balance/composure after each fall. It is our Moon that suffers the most while in the period of Sade- Sati. Thus, if a person seeks protection/enhancement for Moon during the above mentioned cycle/s, the feeling of discontentment or the pinpricks of Saturn are adjustable to a large extent.

This would prove immensely beneficial to anyone who has finished the cycle of Saturn or is yet to enter it or is presently passing through it.

You have an option to order for a single 2½ years’ phase or the complete 7½ years’ Cycle Report.


Saturn Transit - 2 ½ Years Price 35 US Dollar
Saturn Transit - 7 ½ Years Price 50  US Dollar




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