Citrine Gemstone

Birth, Gem Stones As Per Indian Vedic Astrology- (Citrine)

Gems CitrineCitrine is a variety of quartz. It ranges in color from a pale yellow to brown. Citrine has ferric impurities, and is rarely found naturally. Most commercial citrine is in fact artificially heated amethyst or smoky quartz.
Its name is derived from the color - the yellow of the lemon. The most preferred stones have a clear, radiant yellowish to brownish red. Like all crystal quartzes, the citrine to a large extent is insensitive to scratches.
Although often cut as a gemstone, citrine is actually somewhat rare in nature. Specimens of low grade, inexpensive amethyst or smoky quartz are often cooked at high temperatures to produce the more profitable orange yellow citrine. Citrines whose colors have been produced by artificial means tend to have much more of an orange or reddish color.
Since there are not many yellow gemstones in the world of jewels, the citrine fulfils everyone's color wishes, from lemon yellow to reddish brown.
Citrine gives wealth and wisdom. It is known to promote all-around health and well-being. It blesses with parenthood and happy marriages.
It has been said that Citrine helps to manifest your goals and keeps the wearer cheerful. In ancient times, Citrine was carried as protection against snake venom and evil / impure thoughts. Citrine does not absorb negative energies but rather dissipates and transmutes them, which is why this stone is good for clearing your aura. It attracts abundance, prosperity, and success, and because of this Citrine has been nicknamed the "success stone." Citrine stimulates the solar plexas and third eye chakras, promoting stamina and activating intuition. It can also help to overcome sleep related problems such as insomnia and nightmares. Physically it is said to help with poor blood circulation, digestion, allergies, and an aid to curing life-threatening diseases.

Represents: Jupiter, our spiritual teacher
Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 carats
Shapes Available: Oval
Country of Origin India

Grades Available:

Price Range


Regular Citrine Gemstone

USD 155 to 267 Crystalline inclusions. Finger Print.. Some Material Filling

Super Fine Citrine Gemstone

USD 256 to 478 Good Shade. Crystalline inclusions. Finger Print.. Some Material Filling

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