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Gem therapy is one of the oldest and widely used therapies since ancient times in astrology. This is very effective way of strengthening the benefic planets. A gem has to be embedded in a metal associated with it in proper weight & size. There are a number of other parameters attached to wearing a gem to get the desired results apart from electing an auspicious time to wear a gem. You can also ask one free query along with this service

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1.Your Birth Chart:


2. Your Natural Friends & Enemies
Your Vedic ascendant is Sagittarius. Your Moon sign (Rashi) is Pisces. In addition to this your birth star (Nakshatra) is Uttra Bhadrapada, first phase.

Before going through the analytical report it is of great importance to understand the basic nature of various planets in your birth chart. In brief:

  • Benefic Planets: Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn 
  • Malefic Planets: Moon, Rahu and Ketu   

Your Concerns:

Very big stomach problem. Cervical problem, not married. No job from six year loss in share market


I have analysed your birth chart with respect to your concerns.

The lord of the house governing health in general is weak in strength in your birth chart. As a result of which, at times you might suffer on account of health. Notwithstanding the above the good placement and strength of the planet signifying vitality and immunity are likely to act as balancing factors to a great extent.

Some of the prevailing planetary weaknesses in your birth chart might lead to pains in legs, glandular problems, stomach disorders, backache, Malfunctioning of liver, flatulence, anaemia, diabetes, inflammations, piles, muscular or blood related problems, skin or intestinal problems or diseases due to weakness of Nervous system.

The above analysis indicates that the planetary configuration of your birth chart is moderate from the viewpoint of health. Therefore you should pay due attention towards your health as and when required.

Further analysis indicates that the natal weakness of the planets representing spouse, marriage and domestic life might lead to some problems in enjoying marital bliss. This might be due to delay in solemnising marriage, some kind of problem to or from wife or your occasional difference of opinion with your wife.

Notwithstanding the above the good placement and strength of the planets ruling marital bonding and signifying wife and marital life would act as balancing factors to a great extent. In addition to this the present sub period of Venus that would last till 25th August 2013 is favourable for entering in marital bond. However you should select your partner rationally and avoid developing up differences with your future wife.

It is pertinent to mention that the planet ruling profession and signifying assessment, analytical and decisive powers is weak in strength in your birth chart. Its natal weakness results in uncertainties, confusions, ups and downs in career or problems in attaining high degree of professional success. In addition to this the chances of your decisions going wrong remain on the higher side. Despite of the above the good placement of the planet representing income, gains and desires is a balancing factor.

The above analysis indicates that you should work hard, pay due attention towards your career and continue to work in a suitable job or professional field as long as possible. It would be further beneficial to avoid investing money in speculative ventures and take important decisions after weighing all pros and cons.

I would like to mention that the present sub period is favourable for procuring a job and consolidating your monetary condition. Therefore you should explore the possible job opportunities.

Astrological Remedies
  • You should empower your Jupiter with a Yellow Sapphire mounted on a gold ring, worn on the index finger of your right hand on a Thursday after taking bath and performing prayers. The gem should be of 4 to 5 carats in weight.
  • You should strengthen the planet Mercury by wearing an Emerald weighing around 3 carats. It must be mounted on a silver/gold ring and is worn on the little finger of same hand on a Wednesday.
  • You should perform meditation in morning on routine basis.


With best wishes

Narinder Juneja.



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