Festival Of Love And Joy

Goa Carnival FestivalGoa Carnival Festival is the festival of  Love and Joy which is held every year in go in the month of February for three days. It is one of the great events which is awaited by many people especially the residents of the Goa. It is one of the great moments where all the people are engaged in drinking along with feasting. Not only the residents of Goa but people from all over India visit Goa especially to enjoy this particular event. On this festival people will come across the different cultures prevailing in Goa which is enjoyed by the people of every religion.

 Importance of Goa Carnival Festival
The birth of the Goa carnival festival took place in the later century during the period of King memo. During the lent period which is the type of the fasting period in which people don’t have all rich food. Thus before going for lent people come together to enjoy the colorful events in which they are enjoying all rich foods along with drinks. This festival starts on Saturday which is known as fat Saturday and it concludes till Tuesday which is the last  day of carnival. From Wednesday their lent session begins in which all the people are allowed to avoid meat during the period of 40 days.

Celebration of Goa Carnival Festival

The  importance of this festival is that it brings all the people together by forgetting their worries along with tensions from their daily life. This carnival is meant for excitement and  fun where all the people are dressed in the stylish way which will give them the attractive lake where they are moving on the streets and engaged in the parts of  singing along with the dancing. In other words this festival is about to show the different cultures of Goa to outsiders who have come to this place for taking part in Goa carnival.

This carnival is known for the colors along with joy and fun in the people along with the visitors  who comes to enjoy this particular event. The main events of the Goa carnival festival include the street plays along with street songs and dances which will give the best look to the audience. Not only adults but children also enjoys in Goa carnival where they will be enjoying nursery rhymes along with cradle songs. People who are taking part in carnival wear costumes of different colors along with the masks which is having different designs in that to entertain the audience.

This carnival is used to celebrate the Portuguese along with Gaon tradition as by this carnival the style of the Portugese is reflected along with the traditions of Goa cultures. Street dancers are performing art along with dancing and singing. Thus this carnival begins with great party which involves the consumption of many foods along with drinks. This festival was only celebrated by the local residents but now it is celebrated by the people around the world. The only theme of this festival is to stay away from meat.


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