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Traditional Remedies

Traditional Remedies : Ginger

In Ayurveda, ginger is aptly known as universal home-remedy. It is pungent, sweet, hot, sweet and a digestive food item. It balances the three doshas within human body. Fresh ginger must not be consumed in excess through food during bleeding disorders, skin ailments, and fever in summers. Dried and powdered ginger, taken with rock salt, is very digestively active, enhances appetite and refreshes throat and tongue. Powdered ginger also prevents motion sickness and treats chronic diarrhea. Ginger added with lime juice, salt or sugar is an effective remedy for sunstroke. Ginger also promotes blood circulation, gives warmth during winters, relieves muscular pains and absolves headaches. Dry ginger mixed turmeric in hot milk gives relief to congested respiratory tract. Fresh ginger mixed with mint & lemon juice along with honey renders relief in dry cough.

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