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Although Science and medicine is getting modern day by day making life of humans full with luxuries and comfort. There is hardly any such illness or disease in the world today has no cure or at least preventive medicine. Inspite of all the facilities of modern medication, the option of alternate medicine is fast catching the fancy of people due to their zero side effects and effective results. Traditional remedies provide to people the best possible solutions for frequently occurring ailments by the means of all those natural items that are part of our day to day food items.

Traditional remedies are getting fast popular and are preferred as they are very close to natural processes. The items and things used in traditional remedies encourage the body's self repair mechanism. The traditional remedies under the system of alternative medicine comprise of numerous such ancient practices and theories that are full of vitality and effectiveness.

People are investing their trust and conviction in traditional remedies as they enhance the health of the individuals by treating their illness in an effective way. They come with the added advantage of no harmful side effects that make individuals suffer in one or the other way. The constituents and practices of traditional remedies are evolved out of age old valuable healing philosophies and ancient techniques pervading through cultures. Let us explore some of the effective traditional remedies that can be obtained through the basic food items like grains, fruits, vegetables, edible oils, pulses and milk products for getting rid of common ailments.

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