Hola Mohalla Festival - The Festival Of Exciting Mock Fighting

Hola Mohalla FestivalHola Mohalla festival also known Hola is a Sikh Olympic festival that is often celebrated in the first of the lunar month of Chet in Nanakshahi calendar. It mostly occurs in the month of March and goes for at least a week. It involves various camping and outdoor activities. There are various displays and shows of bravery and fighting that is followed by kirtan, poetry and music. Visitors sit in queues or pangats for meals which is known to be one of the most important parts of the Sikh institution. The food consists of langars or vegetarian food. It also includes a military style procession near the Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib.

History of Holla Mohalla

Guru Gobind Sing was the originator of this event. While fighting the hill rajputs and the moguls, he established the Khalsa Panth. The beginning of a new tradition was established through the various poetry contests and mock battles. Since then the tradition has been spreading through the town of Anadpur Sahib, Kiratpur Sahib and Shivaliks. The procession also occurs in many gurudwaras of the world. This is just a Sikh event that has been taken place in the lunar month of Chet. Mahalia is a specialized procession and a part of the Hola Mohalla festival that includes beating of war drums and various other proceeding including moving from place to place.


The mahalia was derived from the time of existence of Guru Gobind Singh. It began in the year 1757, in March. Holi is also celebrated that includes playing with colors and colored powders or even dry mixed water. The Holla Mohalla festival was made important by Guru Gobind Singh, and has been followed by the Sikhs since then. This was done to show the skills of many martial art warriors and display their art of war. Holla Mahalla was an event that was usually held in open ground in Holgarh fort. Holla Mohalla was known to be one of the biggest festivals in Anandpur.

Hola Mohalla and Holi

Hola Moholla festival is also known as holi for the Sikhs. The festival is known to retain the character of enjoyment and fun altogether. It is also a community festival the helps people gathering in an atmosphere of sharing and caring. It is an occasion that can be remembered for the Sikhs, who have battled the enemies of their lands. There are early morning prayers in the gurudwaras. The guru granth sahib is bathed ritually with milk and water. Kirtans are sung and Prasad is distributed. Everyone shares a part of it. After the procession, the community lunch is served in the common hall. There are cultural activities in the evening. The Nihangs take part in the martial art ceremony and after that they splash colors. Various valor, life and wisdom of the Sikhs like the guru gobind Singh and guru Nanak are told and recited to many disciples in the gurudwara.

More of Holla Mohalla

Various music, dance and poetry programs are carried out including competitions. A procession is carried out through the town of gurudwaras that marks the last day of celebrations and Hola Moholla festival. It is an occasion when people rejoice and also restore faith in the Khalsa Panth. Kar Seva is done within the gurudwara.


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