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Hindu Baby Boy and Girl Rashi Name With Meaning

Several parents settle on giving their child a name that is not only unusual and is pleasant to hear but is also very meaningful. In India there has been a practise to name the baby according to his rasi which is found by seeing the time of his birth, birthplace and the position of the stars. Indian baby names provide many original yet centuries-old baby names that carry a meaning which stays with the child throughout his or her life.
In our country, rather than checking baby names from A to Z, it is a common practise to find a name starting with a letter that is considered to be auspicious and this letter is decided by the rasi of the child and seeing his stars at the time of birth. Astrologers and pundits in India advise alphabets on the basis of the child’s rasi.
To choose a name for a little girl or boy can be difficult but our well researched list of Indian baby girl and boy names depending on their rasi provides a choice of creative and simple names with a beautiful meaning that will guide the child through life. Our search tools enable you to find meaningful baby girl and boy names with their meanings with a wide range of choices depending on the time of birth and the birth place of the child.

Mehsa / Aries A E L
Vrushabha / Taurus Ba Va U
Mithuna / Gemini Ka Gha
Karkata / Cancer Da Ha
Simha / Leo Ma Ta
Kanya / Virgo Pa Tha
Tula / Libra Ra Ta
Vrischika / Scorpio Na Ya
Dhanu / Sagittarius Bha Dha Pha Dha
Makara / Capricon Kha Ja
Kumbha / Aquarius Ga Sa Sha Sh
Mina / Pisces Da Cha Tha Jha

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