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Kartik Purnima Festival

The Kartik Purnima festival is considered as very favourable as it is believed that yearly on this day; the gods come to the earth and make their house the sacred. As per Hindu traditions, Karthik Month is one of the holiest month that dedicated to worshiping of lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Lord Angira, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Sun. The Karthik Purnima is celebrated all round the world irrespective of spiritual inclinations. For the Sikhism followers this day marks the Guru Nanak Dev birthday. Karthik Purnima is also called as Tripurari Poornima and tripuri Poornima. Sometimes it is also called as Deva-Deepawali or Deva-Diwali.

Poornima on the Shukla Paksha day in the month of Karthik is called as Karthik Poornima. Karthik poorinima is the last day of Karthik and maybe a full moon day.  This has grand significance for people those who believe in Indian Astronomy. It is a normal occurrence sometimes in November month and is greatly celebrated by the Hindu people. This day also coincides with the festival of Jain light festivals and Guru Nanak Jayanti.

According to the Mythology of Hindu, Shiva celebrates this day for his success over Tripuri demon. Most lord Shiva worshippers are well-known of the significance of Karthik Purnima. A person who involves in charity, donation, baths, etc. on this special day will receive successful results. Shri Satyanarayana stories are read on this special day and lights are lit under the peepal trees, homes and in temples etc. Prayers presented on every Purnima starting from Karthik Poornima will offer positive results.

Taking baths in various religious rivers becomes an old tradition in India. During Karthik Poornima, a huge number of people will come and dip in different rivers. Mahadev killed an evil spirit named tripuri on this day, thus, it is called as Tripuri Poornima. According to Hindu tradition taking bath in different river and donating lights on this day becomes common and popular. It is believed that Karthik Poornima offers Artha, Dharma, Salvation and Kama. On this day Vishnu incarnated himself like a fish (Matsyavtaar). People those who donates on this day is blesses with ten religious sacrifies (yagya).

During Karthik Purnima the observer should worship the six Kruthikas, Santati, Shiva, Sambhuti, etc at the moment of moonrise. It is believed that all gods come to earth on this day and bless the peoples who offered a prayer. There are several fairs organized for this festival in several parts of India. The highest fairs, which are celebrated in this season, are Ekadashi celebrations and Puskhar fair at Pandharpur. People take a bath at a sacred lake or river, this holy bath is called as ‘Karthik Snana’.

An offering to the gods known as Annakuta is held in the holy places. It is greatly believed that donations, charities, etc. during Poornima is equal to 100 Ashvamedh Yagyas. Also, it is believed that donation, charities in this period help in achieving salvation. This activity helps in getting near to Shiva and blessing for well prosperity life for people.


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