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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility

Leo To Cancer


Match MakingLeo cancerThis compatibility will be boiling hot as the emotions will hold a prominent place on both the sides. The Leo will often prefer to be the center of attention. This can make Cancer feel left out or neglected in this relationship. The attention and importance seeking nature of Leo will intimidate Cancer who very shy and sensitive Crab. This alliance does not fit into the category of suitability. But their connection can complement them as the bright and bubbly temperament of Leo will complement temperamental Cancer needs. The opposites of both the natures will maintain a counter balance wherever required. Leo will render fieriness and strength to the unconfident Cancer. Cancer will have to shower Leo with a lot of flattery and admiration to keep Leo content. Their diverse outlooks towards life will be a perfect antidote for each other. Most of the times, both the signs are going to augment each other’s attitude. The enthusiasm and confidence of Leo is going to lift up the sagging spirit of Cancer. Cancer will surely feel better and upbeat in the company of his/her Leo partner. Equally, the perceptive and devoted disposition of Cancer will make Leo feel loved and wanted. 

Emotional Compatibility

This emotional compatibility has fifty-fifty percent chance of working. This emotional compatibility of Cancer and Leo will all depends on effort level of both the signs. It will also depend on the fact that how much both the natives are willing to work at the relationship. There will be plenty of passion and intimacy in this compatibility. Cancer will act mushy and will be very lovey-dovey with their Leo partners. There will be plenty of positive emotions in this compatibility only if both the natives are ready to adore and compliment each other. But they should be very cautious not to hurt each other over their weaknesses. Cancer might get suspicious towards Leo’s flirting ways. Leo will have to make Cancer understand that its just innocent joviality and nothing serious. Their opposites are definitely going to attract. Cancer will act very emotionally towards his/her home, family, loved ones, parents and especially mother. You will be both moody most of the times, but a little bit of adjustment will make them get along wonderfully. Leo will be very generous, materiastically as well as emotionally. Leo will shower his/her 100% attention to make Cancer feel secure. Cancer will also enjoy the authority and dominence of Leo. Cancer will just enjoy by being laid back and let Leo be the boss in all decision making. This is emotional compatibility will be very promising only if the two natives understand each other well.

Professional Compatibility

There's lot of hope and expectation in the professional compatibility of Cancer and Leo. As per the indication of the natal charts, the presence of Leo in Cancer’s life will brighten their financial

scenario. Their ruling planets, i.e. Moon and Sun, will make their life significant as well as interesting.Although there will be many differences and disparities in their thoughts and ideas, all of them will create healthy inquisitiveness and curiosity in them. The work-relationship of Cancer and Leo will never be dull or drab. Leo will render great brightness and luminosity to income, money, and personal possessions of both of them. Cancer will mount up lots of materialistic and financial aids with Leo. There will be stimulating income potential between Cancer and Leo. Their combines planetary forces will broaden their horizon and let them achieve success and profitability.
Leo will be obstinate, at times, during decision making but Cancer will act mild and will be protective. Their will be several obstacles also like clash of receptive nature of Cancer with dominance of Leo. Cancer will have his/her feelings clearly defined for Leo. Cancer knows that Leo will certainly let both of them achieve success and triumph.

Romantic Compatibility

Characteristically, the romantic compatibility of Cancer and Leo is a good one. The ruling planets of Moon (Cancer) and Sun (Leo) are well in tandem. The Leo will very often stabilize and soothe the moods and tantrums of Cancer. Cancer will love the generosity, big heartedness and romantic strength of Leo in their love affair. Leo will exude stability to the shaky and shifty love of Cancer. There will be a feeling of reliance and dependence in the romantic combination of Cancer and Leo. Cancer will love the superior attitude of Leo and will let him/her rule the romantic stage. Leo will be largely dominant, in physical as well as emotional aspect. The submission of Cancer will give enough importance to Leo’s romantic expression. Leo is definitely going to like it. Their romantic life is going to be magical and very expensive. Both lovers will indulge in many romantic pursuits such as traveling, shopping, partying and socializing with common friends. Leo will be over active, thus tiring Cancer but without any trace of boredom. Cancer must praise Leo often to keep him/her happy and cheerful. The sincerity of Cancer and Leo towards each other will keep them happy in their romantic paradise. Leo will keep Cancer always on toes and not in one place for very long. Their intimate romantic are also going to be very expressive and very inventive in quality. Both the natives are going to be innately involved in their love affair.

Marital Compatibility 

Principally speaking, the natures and temperaments of Cancer and Leo are dissimilar. Inspite of being diametrically opposed, the marital compatibility of these two natives will have a strong planetary connection that will perfectly balancing their individual principles. The outcome will be a promising marital compatibility of Cancer and Leo.
The opposing temperaments of Cancer and Leo will act in both the aspects. They will passion up their mutual self as well as dampen the fire of ingenuity. Both the chances are possible. Both should let each other live with their individuality and do not judge or control with any trace of prejudice. In this marriage connection, Leo must soften his/her attitude and do be in a dominating spirit always. This marriage will work only if the duo are willing to give space and liberty to each other else there will be ego clashes that will mar their marital bliss. The physical aspect of the marital compatibility of Cancer and Leo is definitely going to be intensely passionate. The energies of both Cancer and Leo will blend well and stimulate their emotions and passion.

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