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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Libra - Cancer


Match Making Libra cancerThe compatibility of Libra - Cancer will lack excitement, but this will usually wont matter much to either of the natives. Despite of menial differences in their basic nature security and domestic preferences will be important to moody cancer and the practical Virgo. For Virgo, this will be somewhat dull association. Both the natives will often get involved in activities that will clash with their mutual interests. But the association will be so indulging that none out of two are going to end the relationship even if it won’t  working. The union of Cancer and Libra will be speckled with critical and nagging attitude that will not amuse both the signs. Astrologically speaking, the signs of Cancer and Libra constitute a perfect angle. Since this association will undergo many discomforts in terms of compatibility, this can be one of the most challenging cominations. Initially this combination will look well as their differences will not be clearly demarcated. Both the signs will seek peace and harmony, so an overview of this compatibility is going to appear fine.  

Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Cancer and Libra will be disaster-prone right from the start. While Cancer will seek lots of emotion and communication, Libra will be looking for someone to provide an intellectual connection. This might create friction in their emotional compatibility. There might be several frustrating moments due to many differences in their fundamental natures. Hence both will not actually derive what they want. Both Cancer and Libra will find it impossible to establish a real bonding in this match. Initially the emotional coordination will start with a bang may, but will end in a whimper. Emotions and feelings will be glorious in the beginning, with oodles of affection and attraction, but gradually the variations in their thought process will appear. Cancer will predominantly want coziness and commitment in their emotions but Libra will get scared of it and would think with head rather than heart. Both the natives will venture in this relationship with high hopes, but they surely will be disappointed by one another. Libra will act stingy but Cancer will seek chances to shop and splurge. Libra will implement a practical approach to everything and cancer will be flexible and easygoing. Libra will often hide his emotions from everyone including the Cancer. This will make Cancer sad and depressed. Both the natives will be basically emotionally unhappy in this relationship.

Professional Compatibility

In the professional association of Cancer and Libra, Libra will make Cancer aware of money, security and financial stability. Libra will generate a great sense of Cancer’s awareness towards

investments, savings and solid compositions. Libra will also render a solid framework of business and profitability to this professional association. Both the natives must pay adequate attention towards their individual work style and business acumen. Cancer, in association with Libra, will also become security-aware. He will attain a certain level of stability in his work or business. As per the natal charts, Libra has a positive effect over certain aspects of cancer’s chart such as business, property, land etc. There might be minor obstacles to this relationship but Libra will use his/her intellect to eradicate any sort of apprehensions. But if Cancer has decided to start any new venture, then Libra will be the right person. They just must thoroughly understand each other’s capacities and degree of involvement before getting professionally involved. Both Cancer and Libra can achieve this understanding through mutual and communicative dialogue.

Romantic Compatibility

This romantic association of this zodiac pair will function on entirely different echelon. Cancer will want his love and romantic partner to be emotionally inspirational whereas Libra will be sought after a perfect rational relationship. Cancer's changeable temperament might bother Libra as he/she will find it difficult to cope up with. Cancer will also feel uncertain and anxious due to Libra's unique style of attachment. The Libra will find Cancer's romantic very exciting and stimulating. Cancer will have to take care of other things also other than just his romantic mood to bring excitement and glamour into their love life.  He/she must hold Libra’s attention by hook or crook else Libra’s roving eye will always be on the move. Cancer must not turn critical about Libra's extravagance, else there will be clashes. The romantic connection is possible indeed with slight improvisations in the temperament of both the natives. Some significant differences might erupt from time to time when Cancer’s desire for a quiet and peaceful romantic evening will be pitted against the Libra’s social, playful idea of romantic rendezvous.

Marital Compatibility 

The marital compatibility between Cancer and Libra will be quite good because of the suitable compatibility of their ruling planets, the Moon and the Venus. Both the natives will be very satisfied and contended in each other’s company as they want to love also and get loved also. This partnership foresees some positive along with some challenges.
Romance will reign supreme in this marital compatibility. Both the natives will often dream and revere about their domestic bliss. But after their honeymoon is over, Libra will often get annoyed by Cancer's possessiveness and inquisitive nature. Both need to carefully communicate to make this relationship a success. Cancer must not take things granted in this marriage with Libra. He/she must do some thinking and analyzing over domestic issues and then make any sort of evaluation. The planet of Venus will combine with all the positivity of Moon that indicates material and emotional success in this marriage.

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