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Compatibility Libra - Leo


Match Making Libra  LeoThe compatibity of Libra - Leo will be full of fascination only if they let their ego go away. Libra's sophistication and Leo’s talent call for a wonderful pairing. But both the natives will be quite extravagant and wasteful. Overall this will be a good union as both follow similar lifestyles and attitudes. The dazzling temprament of Leo will find a good tandem in the refined nature of Virgo. Together, Leo and Libra, both will constitute a nice pair. See how their diverse natures will compliment each other. Where Libra will be indecisive, Leo will take the charge. Both the natives are extravagant and love beauty and luxury. Each will try to get the most attention during meetings with their common friends. Both Leo and Libra are social personalities and love to be in company of people. They have a very broad view of life and thus are very adjusting. They could even be described as great flirts. People feel drawn to them. This will make them be good friends with each other.

Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Leo and Libra has positive hopes of lasting and becoming strong.  Both Leo and Virgo are outgoing, social who seek to send their lives with excitement and exhilaration. Both the natives love being the star of the show and they will have a great time together. While Leo will be in love with beautiful things, Libra will also reflect similar feelings. Leo and Libra will enjoy laughing and trying new things together. There will be zest for life in them that will guarantee absence of any drabness or staleness in their emotional equation.  Their emotional chemistry will dazzle and sparkle.
The only probable drawback of this relationship is that Leo will be a bit possessive. Libra will hate to be clingy and will seek liberated space.
This match has very good possibilities for everlasting positive feelings. Their emotions and vibes will work well together. The generous and affectionate nature of Leo will get well matched with similar temperament of Libra. Both the signs will seek attention and mutual consideration. They will share a positive emotional chemistry that will make their relationship sizzle.

Professional Compatibility

The upbeat thing that attributes for the greater compatibility of the professional association of Leo and Libra is the both the signs like to complement each other. Leo and Libra love to attend many business and professional gatherings together with great élan.  This professional match is strong enough to face adverse business situations due to their opposite individual characters. They will take all crucial decision together and make success and profitability a part of their professional

association. Their chemistry at the work place will be great and there will be no problems. Libra may have inhibitions in taking decisions, but Leo will make for that. Both the natives will be expressive and communicative without any hesitation. Leo’s strong need for attention at work place will be well complimented by devoted and giving nature of Libra. Both Leo and Libra share many common characteristics that will make their professional relationship shine with a good compatibility.

Romantic Compatibility

Both Leo and Libra will successfully satiate romantic needs and desires of each other. Leo will be inclined towards physical manifestation of romance and Libra will follow a cerebral kind of love. But Libra will be out and out attracted towards style statement of Leo. During intimate romantic moments, Libra will be indecisive. So Leo will take charge of wooing and enticing. While Leo is a romantically susceptible person Libra is more emotional. But both will follow love and romance crazily. All the time which they will be spending in intimate manner will be a celebratory occasion for them. In times of minor romantic tiffs, Libra will happily concede. Libra’s cooperative nature will make him/her able to cooperate and oblige. Libra will utilize his/her strategy to handle this romantic connection in an inspiring and exciting manner. Their steamy and hot love connection will definitely mark this association with great excitement. Libra, being a romantic signs, will venerate Leo counterpart with all exhilarating romantic celebrations and that too in creative ways. The duo will have collective good looks and social charms, thus making their association a true power pairing.

Marital Compatibility 

In the marital tie of the Leo and Libra, Libra will be handling the situation with mediation and balance. There will be minimal arguments or disruptions in this marriage because Libra loves peace in the life. Leo, on the other hand, will be direct and rash attitude with no over-bearance. Leo will be honest in this marital tie, but he/she should try to be more polished and refined. He/she should learn better ways of presenting the truth. During domestic discussion, harsh words of Leo may be scratchy to the subtle and sensitive ears of Libra. There will certainly be a romantic attraction between both couple with combined energies of their ruling planets, i.e. Sun and Venus.  They will be noticeable couple with lots of charisma and energy oozing out of their marriage. Their marital association will also bring lots of good luck combination in their lives. The best feature of this marriage will be their ability to communicate with each other on all sorts of topic.
The common interests of Leo and Libra will include socializing hosting parties, dinners and other functions at home. Their domestic life will simply be speckled with social gatherings and activities.

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