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Chinese holi accessories add colour to celebrations
NAGPUR: When one hears the words 'anda' and 'pichku' the mind can easily drift towards a mouthwatering combination of a hot omelette with a spread of ketchup - pichku is the name of a popular product of a ketchup brand. In the holi market, these words do not have any relation to food, but are varieties of pichkari and colours.

These are some of the new items which have entered the Indian market for holi, again from China. The 'anda' is a combination of a pichkari and colour. Inside an egg shaped shell there is a small sachet of colour, which is to be mixed with water, and a minuscule water gun.

"This along with pichku colours are the newest entrants in the market," said Niyaz Bhai of Gulab stores. The pichku colours are liquid ones available in packets and can be squeezed out through a cap.

"These water colours, which are also called 3G, can be used to paint the face as they come in very bright fluorescent colours," said Anand Jain of Ramesh Stores, adding that though Chinese products have been there in the holi market for last few years, they have come in on a very large scale this time around.

"The Chinese pichkaris are of good quality and cheaper. They are available in a variety of cartoon prints or shapes. Whether it is Mowgli or Angry Birds you can find everything on these pichkaris," said Jain who also has an electronic pichkari which lights up with small electric bulbs while spraying water.

Another novelty in the market is the coloured sprays. These are like the party sprays that are used during celebrations, but in this case they are available in various colours.

"A new Maharaja topi and plastic hats with colourful hair of various lengths are the new attractions," said stall owner Niyaz Khan. "In the horn section, truck horns that can make noise of about 120 decibels, and drum shaped 'seetis' are the new offerings," said Prashant Pamase, a stall owner in Itwari.

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