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Huda ropes in NGO to address water shortage
With water shortage worsening with each passing day in the Millennium City, the Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) has roped in an NGO to find a permanent solution.

At present the city is struggling to meet water shortage, fast depletion of groundwater level and conventional mode of sewage treatment. The authority is all set to tie up with the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a Delhi-based research organisation, which lobbies for and communicates the urgency of sustainable and equitable development. A crucial meeting between Huda officials and CSE executives was held on Saturday.

In the meeting, scarcity of water and fast depletion of the groundwater level were discussed.

“We held a meeting with the CSE officials and are going to work in cooperation to improve the water system. Our main focus is to check groundwater depletion and revive dried waterbodies,” said Praveen Kumar, the Huda administrator.

As per the settlement, the CSE is supposed to set up a rain centre (RC) at Sector 29 and for the first time Gurgaon will have a full-fledged CSE office that will work in cooperation with local officials managing groundwater preservation.

The Huda will provide CSE with information like number of water bodies, length of storm-water drains, methods of functioning of its two sewage treatment plants (STPs) and a geo-satellite image of the Huda sectors. “We visited the site at Sector 29, where an aquarium compound with office building is lying vacant. We are satisfied with the site. We will again meet the Huda officials shortly,” said Nitya Jacob, programme director of water, CSE.

The RC will be a database of all information related to rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment and revival of dried waterbodies. “We are supposed to help in rainwater harvesting and treating waste water in non-conventional ways so the water can be re-used for purpose other than drinking,” added Jacob.

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