The Story of New Year Festival

New Year Festival

New Year is one of the ancient festivals to be celebrated. Since time immemorial, man has looked to the future with hope and aspirations, leaving behind the dead past.

The festival of New Year is not celebrated on the same day all over the world for the simple reason that many countries and religions follow different calendars.  Most countries follow the Gregorian calendar and January 1st is the beginning of the New Year. Similarly the traditional way of ushering in the New Year varies from place to place.

Countries across the globe are preparing to welcome the New Year 2013 with solemn prayers, fanfare, fireworks and parties. Hotels and resorts go out of their way to lure guests in their New Year holiday season with special schemes, deals and added attractions.

The celebrations gather full momentum on the New Year’s Eve and young and old alike can be seen at public gatherings in a joyous spirit.

The country to usher in 2013 first will be the tiny country of Tonga and the city of Nuku’alota has planned a big party with dance and music which will continue throughout the first week of the New Year.

Sydney, Australia sets the tone for New Year celebrations by a grand pyrotechnic display on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Auckland, New Zealand has an equally impressive fireworks show from the Sky Tower.

Other countries welcome the New Year either in a festive manner with parties or in a spiritual manner, by offering prayers for the New Year to bring peace and prosperity for mankind.

Heads of countries exchange New Year greetings and wish their citizens on this occasion. Families exchange greetings at family gatherings or if the members are far away, send greetings through cards or e mail.


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