New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve falls on 31st December. It is celebrated with pomp and verve to usher in the New Year. It is a holiday in most of the countries.

The normal way to celebrate the New Year’s Eve is parting and dancing with family and friends. With the chimes of the midnight hour and the birth of the New Year, fireworks are let off, balloons are let loose in the sky and bells rung- to “ring out the old and ring in the new”.

As the midnight hour strikes, different countries perform different rituals.

In Mexico, people drown a grape in their drinks for each bell of the hour and make a wish with each. In the USA, New Year’s Eve is a big occasion and family members have a late night dinner and dropping or raising a worthy object – a custom that is reminiscent of time signals given to sailors in harbours. At the Times Square in New York, a crystal ball is dropped and similar events occur in different cities.

In the UK, the chimes of the Big Ben welcome the New Year. New Year’s Eve witnesses a spectacular pyrotechnic display over the London Eye. A New Year’s Parade has also been a tradition since 1987.

In France New Year’s Eve is celebrated as St. Sylvester’s Feast with foie gras, oysters and champagne. It is a family and friends affair.

In India, households have bright lights on New Year’s Eve and pujas are performed for a prosperous New Year. Large gatherings at public places, music and dance on the New Year Eve give a boisterous welcome to the New Year.


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