New Year Activities and Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

New Year is the time for fresh thoughts, decisions and activities, after discarding wasteful habits of the past year. So New Year is the time for New Year Resolutions and activities.

Usually New Year Resolutions are decisions of improvement or advantage taken by an individual. These resolutions can be as simple as practising punctuality, becoming more environments conscious or supportive of the less fortunate.

New Year Resolutions have mythical and religious background.  Mythologically, January is named after the Roman god Janus who has two faces, facing opposite directions. The face to the back refers to the past when an individual could have acted wrongly. The face to the front offers the individual hope, time correct himself and become a netter person.

The Jewish festival of Yom Kippur marks the end of the New Year festivities and on the final day the person repents his misdeeds and asks for forgiveness.

The modern trend, all over the world, whether it is USA or India, is to make resolutions that have positive effect on one’s life. Decisions to take regular walks, exercises, medical check -ups and donating for charitable causes are the favourite of the elderly people.

Middle aged people promise themselves to work harder for a career leap, spend more time with their family and spend quality time with their children.

The young ones, on the threshold of their career, resolve to prove their mettle and make their presence felt.

Students decide to put in their best efforts in their studies, aiming for a high grade.

All said and done, it is easy to make resolutions, but keeping them is a different matter! It needs a staunch heart and strict discipline not to waver from one’s resolutions. But as they always say “Resolutions are made to be broken”!


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