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Narinder: How I can help you.
Visitor: dear Narinder, i would like to ask you about my forth coming exams on Saturday 30 sep and Sunday 1 oct, do you think these exams will be fruitful? Its a career deciding exam.
Narinder: please wait, I have to check the transit of 30th Sep and 1st Oct. Narinder: Some difficulties are indicative but can be manage with confidence. Visitor: what do you mean by difficulties, would I be successful?
Narinder: You should avoid stress and you will be able to handle the situation. In other words you can pass it with your confidence.
Visitor: thanks for your opinion.
Visitor: Presently I don’t have a job and am having a difficult getting one, do you think it is possible I will be able to get a job soon, also a proper one as I have been getting only short term.
Narinder: The possibility of getting a job is indicative around Nov 2006 but it seems job may not be according to your thinking as the forthcoming periods are not so supportive.
Visitor: I also having a bad time with my family and thinking of divorcing my wife as it does not seem to be working even after 8 years of marriage? Would it be possible to do that?
Visitor: is it overall a bad period for everything am i going to lose everything?
Narinder: In your chart difficulties in marital matters in clearly indicative as 6th lord Moon lord of conflict is badly placed in the house long marital tie.
Narinder: Your benefic planets are weak and bad placement of malefic Moon and forthcoming operating period are seems to be difficult in terms of marital matters, Job front and peace of mind.

Visitor: is there any remedy and till when will this time continue?
Narinder: Time is difficult till March 2011, you should exercise patience and wearing of Kavach, performing of astral remedies will work to pass out this bad phase of life.
Visitor: what is a Kavach
Narinder: for more information about the Kavach you can refer this link .
Visitor: is there any remedy for the forth coming exams?
Narinder: You can start the performing astral remedies which are given on this link
Visitor: finally about my financial status and my immigration status is it going to be ok?
Narinder: Difficulties and challenges will be there, your patient will work as keyword and performing of astral remedies will work as protective factor.

Visitor: is there any thing good in my horoscope?
Narinder: sure, but current time is not supportive. Your chart indicate, interest in higher studies, marketing, art, media, travel, emotional about children,
Visitor: I am a surgeon doctor is it a good profession for me
Narinder: Yes, it is right profession as your planet Sun is quite strong.
Visitor: will I excel in my profession as I sometimes feel unsure about it.
Narinder: You will be able to do so but needs time and patience.

Visitor: will I ever be happy in my personal life as I am always restless and looking for someone to love and support me
Narinder: From marital view point your chart is weak and after 2011 your professional status will be very good.
Narinder: this bad placement is responsible for difficulties in marital matters, difference of opinion in inheritance and early age process.

Visitor: will I stay outside India forever or will I come back.
Narinder: In recent future it is not indicative to resident in India.
Visitor: so where will I live in Australia or New Zealand? Or some other country
Narinder: it is difficult to say but it is indicative resident abroad.
Visitor: My main query is about my education, whether I will be successful in this exam as I appeared for the same exam last year same time and failed it? So I am very worried and would like clarification.
Narinder: The possibilities are good, you should appear with patience.
Visitor: you mentioned about a job possibility in nov is it a long term or a short term job.
Narinder: the job may not as per your expectations and long term job with satisfaction is not indicative till 2011.
Visitor: you mean till I am 40, I will not have a proper job.
Narinder: dissatisfaction and difficulties will prevail in job, marital till 2011.
Visitor: thank you for your patience and all response will contact soon for more help, it was great chatting with you.
Narinder: OK, all the best.
Visitor has closed the chat

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