Actual Instant Chat Sample 1 ( names & personal information not revealed as per request)

Visitor from IP: is ready for chat

Narinder: How I can help you
Narinder: yes, please
Narinder: pl. introduce yourself

Visitor: Hello Narinderji, this is XXXXX dob. jan XX/19XX. Can we chat?
Narinder: ok,
Visitor: have you had a chance to prepare my 3 question chart
Narinder: yes, i am analyzing it Narinder: pl pose your 1st query
Visitor: I am ready if you are pls let me know when to proceed. The 1st question is will I get employment very very soon and is good paying
Narinder: till nov 2007 you have to manage the things & stick to any kind of job you get as you are in the main period of malefic Rahu & sub period of most malefic Moon (lord of obstruction) which is placed in the house of future/fortune, This planet also rules easy gains in life, there are possibilities you may Not get desired job but there are also possibilities you may get some unearned gains. After nov, 2007, the things will improve & your future prospects will be better than current scenario
Narinder: pl. correct- in above you may not get desired job

Visitor: 2nd query. Will I have stability in job and will we have financial stability soon
Narinder: Till Nov 2007 some uncertainties & concern may prevail, Overall your chart has good potential, you may be able to manage the things , and After Nov 2007 your financial stability & other aspects of life would improve certainly
Visitor: Thank you for that info. the 3rd query is will we ever see our grandchildren. Previously mailed you their birth date, time & names. Do you need this info again?
Narinder: Regarding this query, please clarify, do you have any difference of opinion or any conflicts with your daughter/grandchildren? As I do not understand your query --why did this query creep up?

Visitor: Yes, I asked this before. We have difficulty with daughter Mar 26/1975. She refuses to let us see our grandchildren. Do we have any hope we will see them
Narinder: you please send date of birth, exact time of birth & place of birth of your dauter in this regard
Visitor: Daughter is born Toronto, Ontario Canada March xx/19xx at about 3:40am or 4:19am. Sorry, I cannot remember
Narinder: her name also...... and pl give exact time of her birth
Visitor: Her name is xxxxxx and I truly cannot remember her exact birth time as I had difficulty in birth
Narinder: It seems, your daughter is slightly adamant & impatient & also has concern about her health, I have analyzed her chart, it seems the possibility of reconciliation & you may able to see your grandchildren after Nov 2007 in the sub period of benefic Mars which rules children. The only thing is keep patience till that time.
Visitor: Thank you Narinder, the last question back to jobs is will I get a job this year as it is badly needed
Narinder: There are possibilities of getting job & improvement in life in recent future .
Visitor: I will copy this info and do wish you all the best regards.
Narinder: thank you and all the best, bye

Visitor has closed the chat

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