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Astro Prashna / QueryPrashna is such a powerful tool that provides accurate predictions to a native for a particular current event as per the horoscope. This is applicable on those who are not aware of their birth details and for those also who need predictions from an astrologer about their current problems which are very nicely reflected in the prashna birthchart despite the fact that thoseproblems are also seen in the native birth chart/horoscope. Such people can also seek astrologer's opinion on different matters by way of prashnawali.

Prashna is a unique way of providing astrological predictions on any matter from event horoscope. It may be Profession, Marriage, Children, Property, Litigation, Gains, Industrial problems, Success, Missing persons, Health (success of surgery) and the list can simply go on and on. Prashna is a type of horoscope that is made on the basis of current position of the planets at the time when a query comes to an astrologer. The ingredients of making prashna chart are the current date, time and the geographical location of the querent. It so happens that when a native feels stress relating to any aspect of his life, the native needs to consult an astrologer to seek advise and solution / astral remedies for his problem. This is called Devyoga which is developed by the influence of the planets on the native.

An observant astrologer always makes a prashna chart / horoscope of the person who comes or contacts to seek astrological consultation, irrespective of the fact whether the person has his birth details / horoscope or not. This prashna chart, being a powerful tool, helps the astrologer in providing accurate predictions because prashna chart reflects the problem / query the person comes with.

Astrological CASE STUDIES:
Female queried on the 8th April 1997 at 1110 Hrs. Longitude: 77E13 Latitude: 28N39
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The lady was not aware of her birth details and required astrological consultation from the astrologer. The date and time when the lady contacted the astrologer was noted and the birth chart/horoscope was made. The rising ascendant at that time was Gemini. The query was about the male child. The 2nd house lord, Moon (lord of the house of continuation of family life) placed in the 11th house (the house of fulfillment of desires) is well placed and uninflected. The 11th house lord, Mars, the disposition of the Moon is placed in the 3rd house (the house of initiative) aspecting the Venus and the Sun by its 8th aspect on the same degree. The 3rd house lord, benefic Sun (the lord of the house of initiative and the significator of the male child) is placed in the 10th house, conjunct with the 5th house lord, Venus (the lord of the house of children) expected by benefic Mars. The native was running period of Ketu / Mars from the 25th January 1997 to the 22nd June 1997. The placement and aspect of these benefic planets gave positive indications. The native was blessed with a male child, after performing the ASTRAL REMEDIES.

Male queried on the 2nd February 2000 at 1010 Hrs. Longitude: 77E13 Latitude: 28N39
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The native consulted the astrologer and prashna chart was made. The rising ascendant was Pieces horoscope at that time. The 6th house lord, malefic Sun (the lord of the house of disputes and litigation) is placed in the 11th house at mid point of the house. The 8th house lord, malefic Venus (the lord of the house of obstructions and hurdles) is placed in the 10th house (the house of profession) at mid point of the house. The 12th house lord, malefic, debilitated Saturn (the lord of the house of losses) is placed in the 2nd house (the house of Status) expecting the Sun (significator of the status) by its 10th aspect. The 7th house lord, Mercury is weak due to its placement in the 12th house and being in the state of infancy. The native is running period of Ketu/Mercury from the 2nd February 2000 to the 16th November 2000. Native is a senior officer in the armed forces and was worried about his status in the department because of his indulgence in arguments with his superiors. This problem of the native was tallied with his birth chart/horoscope and was found the same as in the prashna chart. There were afflictions to the malefic Sun from the malefic Saturn. The debilitated, infant Mercury is placed in the 7th house under the affliction of the Rahu and Ketu axis. The current period in the native chart is Saturn/Mercury running from the 5th January 1998 to the 15th September 2000. Both the configurations indicate problems with the superior officers. The native could overcome the problems and made his relations, with his superior officers, cordial after performing astral remedies and strengthening the benefic planets as advised by the astrologer.

Male queried on 26th July 2000 at 0956 Hrs. Longitude: 75E20 Latitude: 19N53
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This query came from a learned friend of mine Mr. Satya Gopal about an industrial unit situated at Aurangabad. The management of the unit is indulged in prolonged negotiations with the employees Union but no decision could be taken as yet. The General Manager of the unit approached Mr. Satya Gopal, a noted astrologer of Bangalore for astral consultation on results of the meeting between the management and the employees Union, which was to be held on 29th July 2000, agenda of the meeting being, increasing the production of the unit and salary hike of the employees. Mr. Satya Gopal made a prashna chart and forwarded it to the astrologer. Shri Juneja gave his predictions on that prashna chart which proved to be accurate and are as under:

The rising ascendant was Virgo at that time. The functional malefic Rahu and Ketu were near mid point and were stationary till 30th August 2000, afflicting the infant Moon and debilitated, infant Mars. The 8th house lord, Mars (the lord of the house of hurdles and obstructions) placed in the 11th house at mid point is afflicting the 2nd, 5th and the 6th houses (the houses of status, intellect and financial stability). The 6th house lord, Saturn (the lord of the house of conflicts) placed in the 9th house near mid point is afflicting the Mars by its 3rd aspect. The affliction to the Mars, Moon and Saturn will be over within 4 to 5 days but the Rahu and Ketu affliction remains till 30th August 2000. The above planetary configuration indicates that the negotiations will be on and the result will only be seen in the beginning of the September 2000, reason being, the Rahu and Ketu will move to the next sign on the 30th August 2000.

Male queried on 30th November 1996 at 2140 Hrs. Longitude: 77E04 Latitude: 28N37
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The father of a missing girl approached the astrologer on the above mentioned date and time for asking a prashna about the whereabouts and safe return of his daughter. The rising ascendant in the prashna chart at that time was Cancer. The Rahu and Ketu were at mid point placed in the 3rd and the 9th houses respectively, deteriorating the significances of 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses. The 3rd house lord, Mercury (the lord of the house of communication, information) placed in the 6th house is weak due to its placement and being in the state of infancy. The current period was Mercury/Mercury running from the 30th November 1996 to the 7th May 1998. The 2nd house lord, Sun (the lord of the house of status) is under affliction of Ketu. The 10th house lord, Mars (the lord of the house of Karma) is under affliction of malefic Jupiter placed in the 2nd house. The ascendant lord, Moon placed in the 1st house is uninflected. It was told to the querent (the father of the missing girl) that when the transiting Rahu and Ketu will cross the ascendant degree and Mercury will gain strength, the girl will safely return home. The querent performed astral remedies for the safe return of his daughter as advised by the astrologer. The girl returned home on the 15th December 1996 when Rahu and Ketu were 3 degrees away from the ascendant degree.

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Authored By Indian Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja

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