Guru RaviDas Jayanthi - an Amazing Festival for the Indians

Guru Ravidas FestivalAbout Guru Ravidas:
Guru Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on the day when Saint Ravidas was born. He was on born in the year 1396 in a village called Kanshi in Uttar Pradesh. The festival falls on 21st or 16th of February every year throughout India especially in North India. Guru Ravidas was born in Harijan Family who separated as untouchables. He wished the unity oh Hindu and Muslim and worked a lot for it. He also wrote many Hymns praising the God. Guru Granth Sahib Ji which is the Holy book of Sikhs has forty one verses of Guru Ravidas. His portrait is taken out on this celebration day to every street of the cities and special prayers were arranged with feasts.

Arrangement for the Celebration of Guru Ravidas Jayanti:

The day of celebration changes every year according to the Indian calendars but usually falls on the months of February or January. The birthday is celebrated across the breadth and length of India. The Seer Gowardhapur village where Guru Ravidas was born is geared up for the huge festival that falls on his birthday. The whole village is full of colored pandals and attractive stalls. People from every part of the country assemble in this place before two days of the festival. Trucks are used to carry people and devotees from several parts of India to celebrate this festival.

The older people, children, women and men get together in this place which seems to be like mini-India. More than one kilometer of space is converted into wonderful sites with many colorful stalls on either side of the road of Guru Ravidas Janamsthan Mandir. The roads are often cleaned in order to facilitate the devotees coming from several parts with barefooted who came to worship Ravidas Ji at his temple. The temple’s dome which is golden and white in color is decorated with colorful and attractive flowers and lights.

The Speciality of Stalls and Sewadars:

Many colorful toys, books, artificial ornaments, posters of Ravidas Ji and literature are displayed in the stalls. People have been very eager to buy all these things especially they are interested to buy the posters of Ravidsas Ji. The children show special interest to buy toys and female children used to buy ornaments. The stalls that provide food and lodges are also available for the devotees near the festival site. The volunteers who are called as “sewadars” make chappatis in a huge tawa for the people who came for the celebration. Nearly five thousand sewadars are arranged for doing services for the devotees.

In order to coordinate devotees’ movement, one control room has been arranged near Ravidas temple and railway station. People from Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhaya Pradesh and Uttarakhand come to this place to celebrate this festival. Many foreigners from US, UK and Canada also assemble here for the festival. Many special trains have been arranged for the people to reach this place. The Charitable Trust makes arrangement for the festival that includes “Keertan” and “shabad” which is usually called as musical prayers. The whole place has a wonderful site that attracts the people and the devotees.

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