Role of Astrological Remedial Measures-Narinder Juneja

Astrological Remedial Measures

This is the universal fact that nobody on this universe can stop the rain from falling. However one can carry an umbrella during the rainy days. However it is solely the discretion of a person whether he wishes to use the umbrella to save him/her from the rainy water or not.
Similarly according to the depth of his knowledge an astrologer can analyze a birth chart and may predict the good and bad phases in the life of a person. It is said that one should work hard during favourable periods and should observe certain precautions during the unfavourable periods. In order to minimize the sufferings of a person some remedial measures are also prescribed. As a matter of fact these remedial measures act as an umbrella in the rain. Thus it is believed that the sufferings of a person may be minimized if he performs the relevant remedial measures on routine basis.
Practically this has been observed that a person who is not going to get any sort of relief on account of his sufferings generally does not perform the remedial measures. As a matter of fact the preventive remedial measures provide relief to a person from his sufferings on account of affliction/s in his/her birth chart. We always emphasise to strengthen the benefic planets in a birth chart. On the contrary simple remedial measures are being prescribed to minimize the evil influence of the malefic planets.

I would like to mention that a person suffers in his/her life on account of natal planetary weaknesses in his/her birth chart. For example a person born with weak Mercury is likely to suffer from indecisiveness, uncertainties or forgetfulness. If Mercury is a benefic planet in his birth chart in that case one should strengthen it. Wearing of Kavach (a shield made of silver and engraved with mystical numbers of benefic planets) as well as the Gemstones of the relevant planets may strengthen the natal weak planets. In some cases remedial measures such as performance of meditation and spiritual practices, color therapy as well as performing particular pujas and yagnas are also suggested.
In short, after analysing the birth chart an astrologer advises the person concerned to strengthen the natal weak planets and perform the preventive remedial measures to minimize the influences of the evil planets.
As a matter of fact people born with Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn ascendants usually experience lot of sufferings in life compared to others. The reason being the number of malefic planets is more in their birth charts. Therefore such people need to perform remedial measures patiently and sincerely in order to enjoy favourable results.

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Authored By Indian Astrologer Mr. Narinder Juneja

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