Gain Insight Knowledge About The Performances And Celebrations Of Rose Festival

Rose FestivalIt is possible to define the Rose Festival as an annual centenary. This centenary is held in Portland, Oregon. The organization of this anniversary is organized in the month of June. The popular name that relates to the above-mentioned festival is the festival of gardens. The celebration of this occasion is organized in the month of February and the beginning of the month of March.

Performances Individuals Engage Themselves
There are a number of performances that people love to participate in on this occasion. This festival includes dance and music performances. Some of the other performances that people worldwide perform during the Rose Festival are flower shows, classical events and various other forms of amusements. The Rose festival includes as many as three different parades and a number of activities that impart an added dimension to this festival.

History of Rose Day

Regarding the history of this festival, it is always possible to claim that the idea behind the organization of the occasion was presented by Mayor Harry Lane. Mayor Harry Lane was responsible for giving the idea after the completion of the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition. The idea was presented in the year 1905. The centerpiece festival that makes this day a momentous occasion is the Grand Floral Parade. You will be awe-stricken to know that as many as 500,000 spectators participate in this joyous event thus further glorifying this day.It was in the year 1907 that the first parade was conducted. Most people referred to the first parade as the Rose Carnival. The name was later changed to Rose Festival Parade.

Notable Facts

The festival that was celebrated in the year 1907 was also termed as the “electric parade”. The electric parade also featured illuminated floats. It was in the year 1988 that an air show remained associated with the Rose Festival. The show remained an integral part of the festival throughout the entire year of 2002. The organization of the Air show was done at the Hillsboro Airport. It later was named as the Rose Festival Air Show. Initially, the name of the festival was preceded by the name of the concerned sponsor. It was in the year 2002 that the Rose festival association took a collective decision not to continue with the relationship any further. Later, in the year 2003 the show was reorganized. The name under which the event got reorganized was the Oregon International Air Show. The distinctive aspect about this air show was that there were no sponsors associated with the Rose festival event.

There were significant awards won by the Rose festival organized in Portland. It was in the year 2007, and 2011 that the Events Association and International Festivals considered the Rose Festival as the best and grand festival held in the world. People all over the world including India await for the arrival of this festive day. Talented artists worldwide and the other notable performers perform in a coordinated manner so as to make the Rose festival worth remembering.


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