Sample: Rectification of Birth Chart as per Indian Vedic Astrology

Hello Sir,
Thanks for the birth time rectification.
I don't know why you have been waiting for my reply because I have already very humbly accepted your result of her being an Aries rising ascendant. I am sure your analysis is on the dot. What do you think could be the PRECISION time in hrs and minutes pls ?
Thanks for everything.

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From: "Narinder Juneja"
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 11:23 AM
Subject: R.
Dear R.
I have sent a mail for rectification of your wife's birth chart/horoscope and awaiting for your reply to send the Astral Remedies and Kavach in appropriate time.
With best Wishes.
Narinder Juneja.

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From: Rajul
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2002 12:58 PM
Subject: J K

Dear R.
Your wife seems to be Aries born and the birth of time seems to be after 5.30.A.M. to 6.00 A.M. The placement of 11th lord Saturn which rules elder brother is placed in the house of losses and overseas gave her loss of elder brother in the period of weak badly placed Saturn. The placement of the 4th lord Moon and ascendant lord Mars in the sixth house always gives dissatisfaction and obstruction in health and impulsive behavior. In addition, the placement of health lord Mercury in the house of losses is another reason for obstruction and dissatisfaction in health. The well placement of spouse lord Venus in the house of status gives status through spouse. This combination may give her interest in media, art, sculpture, music, awareness of new events over the globe, rich taste of wearing , eating and cooking. The well placement of Sun gives inclination towards higher studies and authoritative nature. But the weakness of the 4th lord Moon and Jupiter indicates, she may belongs to a medium/average family and this combination may give her hindrance in her intention of higher studies.

Dear Mrs. D,

Hope you are in best of your health and spirits.
I have gone thru both the birth charts/horoscopes of your husband, one in Aquarius ascendant of 9.30 AM and other in Pisces ascendant of 9.50 AM.
The chart of 9.30 AM of Aquarius ascendant very much co-relates to the incidents of his life as the placement of lord of learning, initiative, energy, communication planet Mars and the placement of Saturn (lord of ascendant represents soul, body, decision & status) in the 5th house(house of entertainment, higher studies, speculation) has given him the interest in higher studies, leisure, games, sport, gambling, speculation, entertainment etc.
The placement of Mercury(lord of inheritance & long marital tie) in the house of losses has given him low level of inheritance and lot of variations in marital matters. The strong conjunction of benefic Venus & Sun has given him support from father, relation & work contract with overseas, relation with government/overseas contracts etc.
The placement of disease & conflicts lord Moon in the 11th house which is actually the near the most effective point of 10th house (house of profession, rules knee area of the body) has given him lot of difference of opinion and legal bindings in the area of profession. He has also faced lot of problems with his knee.
The affliction to Jupiter (significator for children & lord of house of gains)by malefic Rahu and weakness of Moon has also given him obstruction in maintaining financial stability, health, having children, difference of opinion in profession & gains time to time in his life.
In his case strengthening of Jupiter and other planets by wearing of Power Kavach /Kavach will be helpful in above mentioned areas. Any other query is welcomed. His rectified birth chart / horoscope is attached.

With best wishes from

Narinder Juneja
K-3/22, Basement, DLF phase-2,
Gurgaon-122002, Haryana.

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