Sample: Rectification of Birth Chart / Horoscope

Name: xxxxx xxxxx
Date of Birth: xx xx 19xx
Time of Birth: xx:xx:xx Hrs.
Place of Birth: Mumbai, India

Your Horoscope

I have gone through your Chart / Horoscope, it seems you are early Capricorn born ascendant only. Your lord of ascendant is Saturn. This is because of problems, obstructions, delay in relationship & marriage. In addition to that your health problems also suggest Capricorn ascendant which occurred in your life.

Besides this, the supportive factors, being a Capricorn ascendant are given below.

1. At the early age you were in the main period of malefic Rahu till Feb 1974, after that you had entered in the main period of malefic afflicting Jupiter(lord of house of losses, expenses, health) placed in the 10th house, had evil influence on 7th lord Moon(lord of house of marriage, marital matters & reproductive organs) This combination indicates difficulties in marriage, obstructions in health and relation with overseas through profession.

You got operated in 1990 in the main & sub period of weak debilitated benefic Saturn/Saturn but at the time of operation in transit it was in the 12th house of expenses on health, (so you were operated in that time) in your case Saturn rules continuation of family life and it is aspected by benefic Venus indicates the possibility of marriage is indicative after February 2009, the possibility of children is also there with the help of performing the Astral remedies, as in your natal Chart / Horoscope 10th lord Venus is placed in its own house and its benefic influence is on weak debilitated Saturn is good for continuance of family life.

2. Lack of Communication and difficulties in mathematics and early settlement of life as your 9th lord Mercury (lord of future/fortune/godfather, significator for communication) is quite weak and badly placed in the house of obstructions.

3. Interest in Films, Media, upgradation of studies, skills due to well placement of 10th profession lord Venus (significator for art, media, fashion, sculpture) is in its own house.

4. Your capability of managerial skills is due to your 8th lord Sun is strong, however it is placed in the house of weak Mercury indicates you belong to an average family with limited inheritance level. Sun is also responsible for support from father in studies & settlement of life

5. There is no mool trikon sign in 11th house which indicates less chances of getting a elder brother, although Mars (significator for younger brother) is badly placed but strong in strength indicates chances that you may have younger brother.

6. According to your Capricorn ascendant Chart / Horoscope there are strong indications of your relation with overseas and there are bright possibilities that you may continue to stay at overseas.

According to the above explanation and detailed rectification of your birth Chart / Horoscope your exact birth time seems x:xx XM.

With best wishes from
Narinder Juneja
K-3/22, Basement, DLF phase-2,
Gurgaon-122002, Haryana.

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