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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Scorpio - Aquarius


Match Making Scorpio AquariusThe first impression of this compatibility is going to be that there’s any chance of Scorpio and Aquarius having a long lasting relationship. Both the natives are stubborn, and have very fixed ideas. This will always be the issue that who will yield an idea or an opinion.
Scorpio is an expressive sign; Aquarius can give him/her some of the emotional nourishment needed. Aquarius is sensitive and loving in its own way. They might suspect that your Scorpio’s self-centeredness is just a farce.
Aquarius will have to learn plenty of baby talk thus to convince a Scorpio. Scorpio will prefer to express his/her feelings that are purely physically and convivial. Somewhere between these two extremes both the natives, Scorpio and Aquarius are going to be happy.

Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius can get tricky because none of these sign is a soft and sensitive. Both the natives are determined characters that will prove out to be powerful and of solid ability to get things done. Persistence is a quality they both share. And being strong-willed, each tends to be at the front of the queue in the business of life. None of these two signs will dominate but if they join forces they will make one very powerful emotional bonding.
But these powerful types have plenty of emotional opportunity to clash. Scorpio is often looking inward and concentrating on self while Aquarius is forever on the lookout for an emotional outburst. They may not have a great deal in common but because they are so strong, if they turn their attention to one another, their strength can give their emotional compatibility a real boost. Both have strong emotions and feelings and don’t mind expressing them. Scorpio likes to possess someone and Aquarius is more a free spirit and person of the world. If Aquarius stops showing off and pays attention to Scorpio, both will make huge strides. When that happens, their emotional compatibility can gain great momentum.

Professional Compatibility

In the professional compatibility these two natives of Scorpio and Aquarius seek a fulfillment beyond mere financial gain. To feel comfortable with their very ongoing work assignments or project they need not just a financial boost but also a strong moral purpose.  When these two natives encounter a professional deadlock, both will need their best communication skills with no personal biases. This way they will be able to reach at a compromise. This process will teach Scorpio a lot about each other and dissolve any intolerance between Scorpio and Aquarius. This professional liaison will help both the natives grow as human beings. They are both determined,

and stick at whatever take up to accomplish. They are also not afraid of challenges. This makes them successful in carrying further a durable and sturdy professional relationship. Being a powerful couple, they will attune to the needs and wishes of their professional partner. Both are strong willed and determined, so if they can channel their combined forces into a common goal, great achievements are possible.

Romantic Compatibility

Scorpio is intensely emotional and naturally passionate whereas Aquarius likes to feel free to share interests with many people. If Scorpio dominates in romance there can be a clash and the rift. This will irritate Aquarius and may cause love-tiff quite often. Scorpio takes love as an intensely personal matter whereas Aquarius treats it as universal love.  The two natives must come at a consensus to maintain a healthy romantic compatibility. Scorpio will feel that Aquarius is indifferent and detached and their combination will not flourish. Astrologically speaking, all they have in common is their fixed perceptions that will work to bring them together. So well will be their mutual understanding that even if this twosome are not at talking term with each other, they'll present a united front to the world. Their love expression is also diverse most of the times. While one would prefer to spend romantic moments in a cozy embrace, the other will like to go out and have a blast.
Marital Compatibility

Scorpio people are often considered as difficult to approach and conservative. To talk in a marital aspect, they actually keep an excellent self-control over their actions and emotions. They appear relatively mild-mannered and quiet. His/her partner keeps on wondering what they’re thinking or hiding. They also retort back with a nasty remark when they don’t like anything. Scorpios also have this god gifted intuitive mind with a long memory of good and bad incidents. Aquarius people on the other hand live in their dream worlds. They will not go for rituals and formalities in their marriage. They will strive to search for spiritual and intellectual satisfaction in this marriage because marital ties mean much more to them then just marriage. This makes them look and feel optimistic. A marital combination of Scorpio and Aquarius is really a very wild and difficult. Yet, these two natives result in blending of their energies in an inspiring, uplifting and intoxicating manner.
One thing they both enjoy when they’re together is delving into each other’s past. It makes their relationship interesting and stimulating. While tackling domestic issues, Scorpio will be subtle, deceptively and casual in manner. Aquarius will often be rude and direct in manner. The only complexity of this marital compatibility is going to be this that both have a strong will or ambition and it will be difficult to make them follow the other person.

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