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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Scorpio - Cancer


Match Making Scorpio cancerThe overall compatibility of Scorpio - Cancer is going to be very emotional and committed. This can be a happy and satisfying union only if both the natives check their tendency to be possessive and jealous at times. This association can definitely be one of the best as the Cancer will always remain loyal to scorpio which will fed positive fodder to Scorpio’s jealous streak. There will be plenty of intimacy, intensity, and depth in this relationship that is going to give both the natives the pride of being a great pair. Cancer will often act possessive with Scorpio thus making him/her feel secure. Their mutual compatibility and sense of belongingness will make each other happy. Together they will feel safe and loved. This pairing has great intimacy, and depth thus making it long lasting. They might get jealous at times but their off and on intimacy will cool their green feelings. Scorpio will offer strength and protectiveness to clingy and insecure nature of Cancer. Cancer will behave lovingly, generous and devoted thus making Scorpio feel happy in the bargain. Since both Cancer and Scorpio are born under the same elements, they feel comfortable in each other’s company.

Emotional Compatibility

There will be lots of sensitivity and care in the emotional compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio. There will be great diversity in th manner of expression within both the signs. While Scorpio and his/her emotions will be demanding, Cancer will be a giver in this relationship. Cancer will handle the possessiveness of Scorpio in the best possible manner due to its adaptability. Both of the natives will provide each other all those emotions that they are seeking on mutual basis. The emotional chemistry between the duos will keep on getting better as they will proceed on further in this relationship. Cancer will have a sustaining emotional power. He/she will stick by Scorpio and give complete devotion. Scorpio will relax with Cancer and really enjoying being taken care of. Both the natives will feel emotionally treasured in this relationship. There will be immediate attraction and deep emotions that is going to initially attract Cancer and Scorpio. There will be no dearth

of emotion between them. The two will inspire each other to wonderful emotional heights. But both should keep a strong check over the negativity or possessiveness to enter their relationship. This pairing is all bound to entice an emotional, intense and intimate relationship. The only problem of possessiveness should be avoided. Neither one should try to dominate over other. If this aspect is taken care of then plenty of good times are ahead.

Professional Compatibility

There is plenty of professional compatibility between Cancer and Scorpio. But they should playing

hide and seek wit each other at the workplace. This relationship is likely to go long way if Scorpio is allowed to have his/her way. Both should realize this fact and act accordingly. The warmth of their overall compatibility will get reflected here also and their mutual profession or business will get kick-started into a roaring flame. Scorpio will urge Cancer to be doing more experiments and come out of his/her shell. Both the signs together will try their best, and get succeeded also in rationalizing their every effort.
The attraction gets Cancer and Scorpio together. This will further depend on how they complete or wrap up their crucial business decisions. Fundamentally, as per the natal charts, these two signs harmonize on the professional front. The Scorpio will be forceful and dominant in his/her decision making. He/she will be wise with permanency in the behavior and action. The combination of their ruling planets will also augment the chances of professional success of this association. Scorpio will be superlative in creative endeavors with powerful assertion. Cancer will be very receptive in the creative ventures and work hard to achieve mutual compatibility. Both the signs will tap their professional resources and earn a great deal of success and profitability.

Romantic Compatibility

The romantic compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is very promising and apt. Moody and quiet Cancer will take a fancy for masterful and enterprising Scorpio. The Scorpio's dynamic romance and his/her tendency to dominate the love efforts of Cancer will be met with approval. When Cancer will act possessive with his/her Scorpio love interest, Scorpio will feel secure and wanted from inside. Cancer will be full of admiration for Scorpio’s love potency in terms of strength and emotional commitment. The Cancer will be more sensitive over this romantic liaison while the Scorpio will be comparatively more passionate. The Cancer will be a devoted lover and will always be ready to please and entertain Scorpio’s desires. This love will grow by leaps and bounds. This passionate connection has strong chances of culminating into an everlasting relationship.
As per their horoscopes, both Cancer and Scorpio stroke that part of each other’s natal charts that deals in love, excitement, courtship and adventure.

Marital Compatibility 

The marital compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio will excel with efforts on both the parts. This relationship can go on well if Scorpio learns to control his/her desire to dominate and to push Cancer through unrealistic demands. This will have to be taken care on practical as well as emotional front. Although Cancer and Scorpio are elementally well suited there are certain differences in their differences. Scorpio will love to drive this marriage on purely sensual grounds. Cancer, on the other hand, will require intimate and cherished love along with bonding in this marriage. Just physical pleasure will not appeal him. Astrologically, the pairing of Cancer and Scorpio is good by all standards. This marital combination will succeed, as their basic temperaments will instinctively match and feel at ease. Cancer will dedicate himself/herself to Scorpio by all parameters. There will be a loving and lasting relationship in them with strong and silent exterior and equally sturdy interior. They will have a foresight in the domestic issues and will share higher knowledge with each other. Scorpios will act as mentor to cancer. Cancer will also be drawn to them because Scorpio will help him/her in an overall improvement.

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