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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Scorpio - Gemini


Match Making Scorpio GeminiThe basic nature of Gemini is that he/she is intellectual in a lighthearted and frolicsome manner, whereas Scorpio has deep and profound perception of his thoughts. Gemini will often indulge into a variety of chit chat but on frivolous and perky topics. Scorpio is not going to like this as he/she loves to indulge in significant and thoughtful themes.
Gemini will find it tough to handle jealous tendencies of Scorpio erupting off and on. Scorpio will also have lot of hard time in dealing with enticing and beguiling ways of Gemini. Overall this compatibility will be not that sincere because Gemini and his fickle ways will make Scorpio irksome and infuriated. The natal charts of Gemini and Scorpio suggest that the disposition of these two natives is completely opposite. So it will be quite a miracle if they are ever going to get along. The only factor that seems to be going same in both the natives is their passion towards physical proximity. This is the only commonality between them. Scorpio will act in a sensual and passionate manner and Gemini will be fickle and superficial in his disposition. While Gemini will be very social and interactive, Scorpio will seek privacy ands solitude.
Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio might appear very promising initially but various major and minor differences in the temperaments and personalities of Gemini and Scorpio will make this relationship unstable. Very rarely it will see a long endurance. The Gemini will be inclined towards Scorpio due to his/her passion. The emotional intensity of Gemini is going to fascinate Scorpio. But still that vital emotion of compassion and understanding is going to be missing form this combination. Scorpio will seek total commitment from your Gemini partner that will be tough for Gemini to provide. Gemini will not be emotionally compatible with Scorpio due to his restlessness and constantly changing of his mind. Very often Scorpio will act in a demanding and domineering manner and wont like anyone questioning his/her authority. Gemini, on the other and, will be unrestrictive and changeable. He will simply refute all the rules and regulation emphasized by Scorpio.  The emotional chemistry between the Gemini and Scorpio will always be flaccid and flabby because of their diverse dispositions. Even if they melt their differences for a while, their peace making efforts will not be sustained for very long. Simply saying, they have very little in common in each other. Both the natives must try to trust each other and respect each other’s space and freedom.

Professional Compatibility

The professional compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio is rarely going to succeed the two natives

are hardly going to be discreetly expressive to each other. Although Gemini will be quite brilliant and enthusiastic, he/she would be not standing any jealousy and vengeful behavior. Gemini would prefer to be expressive and outgoing in their professional dealings. Scorpio, on the other hand, will act in a secretive and reticent manner. Both the signs will be exuding all negative signs in their professional liaison, such as Gemini will be self-centered, careless and diplomatic; Scorpions will be jealous, possessive, and dominant. Both will act simply opposite in their actions and proceedings. Both Gemini and Scorpio would have to struggle a lot to keep their professional relationship afloat. The brilliance and fervor of Gemini is going to impress Scorpio. Gemini will also be impressed by profound insight of Scorpio that can be beneficial to all business deal and ventures. If both the signs amalgamate their positive points, the results can be simply fantastic. But they should avoid getting driven by negative feelings such as resentment, jealousy, impatience and inconsistency.  The duo must try to identify their pitfalls and avoid them with a joint effort. The Scorpio will keep lots of expectations from Gemini that will be difficult to be fulfilled.

Romantic Compatibility

If Gemini's imagination and Scorpio's dynamism are handled positively, the romantic compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio will definitely be on the promising path.  During their romantic encounters, the only common positive aspect that they will be holding together will be their physical acceptance. But this will not be enough. Gemini will prefer to have his love and romantic life full of liveliness and vigor. Scorpio, on the other hand, will be focused and centered towards his personal enhancement. Scorpio will have traits like being passionate, demanding and jealous towards his Gemini partner. Gemini will also reciprocate in a fickle, shallow and unreliable manner. Hence this compatibility will lack the entire required luster. Gemini will like to spend his/her romantic evening outside whereas Scorpio would like to spend the mushy moments in privacy. The Scorpio’s romantic advancements will be purposeful but the Gemini will always doubt its credibility. It will probably be a kind of romantic relationships where it will be tough to make it enduring and everlasting. There might be some infatuation initially that will become a drag later on. The recklessness and carefree nature of Gemini will be simply intolerable by his/her Scorpio lover.

Marital Compatibility 

The planets that rule Gemini and Scorpio are Mercury and Mars. Both these planets control their intensity.  There can be slight uneasiness in the minds of two signs but they should be open to mutual discovery and probing. There will be many things that the Gemini and Scorpio couple is going to find out about themselves. Gemini should try to pull out Scorpio from his tough and inflexible shell. Scorpio should try his/her level best to bring a bright, easygoing and cheerful disposition to their marriage. Gemini will try his level best to be upbeat but, unfortunately, his upbeat ness will infuriate Scorpio.
This marriage will not be able to sustain the nitty-gritty of marital life. This combination will not be able to see through the issues that are an inherent part of any marriage.
In physical manifestation, Scorpio is going to be all full of surprises for Gemini. Scorpio will strive towards a deep, profound and a meaningful marital tie but will not get desired reciprocation from Gemini. This simply implies that Gemini lacks that intensity as seen in Scorpio. Gemini’s positive traits such as cheerfulness and happy disposition will also not get acknowledges by Scorpio. Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy isn’t a good match with your cheerful and adaptable approach. To obtain a happy balance both Gemini and Scorpio would have to make plenty of adjustments on both sides.

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