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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Scorpio - Sagittarius


Match Making Scorpio Sagittarius

The compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius can be great as their ruling planets are friendly. This is also a terrific combination, and should be full of optimism and achievement. Both have a positive view of life and will want to accomplish a lot. Sagittarius is outgoing and audacious. On the other side, Sagittarius will need to be mindful that you’re sometimes quite serious. This can work out well, though, because Sagittarius has a more thoughtful side, no matter how blunt they seem. When these two natives are together, the duo will have something dramatic about them, an energy that everyone around them will pick up on.

Emotional Compatibility

These two signs have a common characteristic of security. They both crave it and they both are able to provide it. But the danger to a long-lasting emotional union is the speed with which they tackle things. Both these signs are quick to react and may have made mistakes before they learn what is going on with their partner. Both need to slow down their reactions.  Scorpio in particular is an intense and emotional type and Sagittarius loves excitement and anything new. The common about this pair is that they love adventure and are full of energy. If they find a common goal, travel and any project for that matter will be far more enjoyable. If it is the right idea, they work really well in having their adventure together. Scorpio tends to look at things in a black and white fashion and fortunately Sagittarius is a flexible soul who can tolerate a more narrow approach to life. But it is the security and the flexibility which will dominate their emotional union. With those two characteristics to the fore, the pair will likely have a memorable emotional life together

Professional Compatibility
As long as both these signs agree on a method and stick to it, and as long as they do not often get into verbal interaction, the professional compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius will be promising. Reasonable or even routine projects of short duration are probably the best choices for them, at least until they establish a working rhythm. Scorpios appear open, friendly and direct on the surface and hide their professional turmoils and problems from the outside world. Both don’t really like when anyone hurts them commercially. Both the natives can be unbelievably loyal and fiercely protective towards their work and workforce. Scorpios are blessed with an intuitive mind and hence, breaking through the tough work assignments is no big deal for them. Friendly competition is another thing that both the natives look forward to. Any working arrangements between these two natives will lead to success, and will be good news for the financial side of your relationship. They will be mentally competitive and will achieve great commercial success.

Romantic compatibility

For the romantic compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius, unless Scorpio compromises, the relation will create problems. Sagittarius's love of independence and freedom will arouses Scorpio's jealously as he/she wants to possess and purely possess. Scorpio demands much of both self and others but Sagittarius will rebel against domination. Some Sagittarius are just too flighty for love and romance, making their Scorpio amours break out into cold sweats. Although both signs think very deeply about all kinds of love expressions, they do it in different ways- Sagittarius are philosophical, whereas Scorpios are psychological. Sagittarius also likes to try any thing once-and that can include their Scorpio lovers. The path of true love will run a lot smoother if their planets uphold a friendly position. The downside of this romantic compatibility is that their relationship can be explosive and excessive. Unless Sagittarius sticks to some basic emotional and mental love rules, the compatibility could burn itself out. On the plus side, Sagittarius can draw Scorpio’s brooding moods and teach what love and romance is all about. If the duo learns to relax a little and go along for the ride, they will enjoy the lighter and more optimistic side of life.

Marital Compatibility

If Sagittarius can learn to keep his or her mouth out of trouble with the Scorpio, this marital compatibility can be highly successful. The hitches and glitches in this marriage can be for those who can’t keep self-control over their activities. Sagittarius must handle all domestic issues with great care, especially blurting out painful observations that cut into Scorpio’s poise and self-confidence. Scorpio has lessons of freedom, optimism, daring and self-honesty to learn from the Sagittarius and the latter should learn self-control and dependability from the Scorpio. These two go about their marraiege very differently and there will be challenges too. Scorpio would never approve of Sagittarius’ bonhomie apparoach. Sagittarius are freedom lovers and they can’t relate to Scorpio’s possessiveness. Sagittarius finds Scorpio’s physical expression appealing to their curious nature. The Scorpio admires Sagittarius honesty and trustworthiness. Sagittarius is the one who can teach Scorpio the wonders of openness and frank attitude in their marriage. And Scorpio may be able to add imagination and stability to the Sagittarius life. Like any marital match, there is potential, and there are pitfalls. If they accept their differences, and stop trying to change the other, they will be successful in building an excellent marital compatibility.

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