Basic Tarot Card Meanings

Basic Tarot Card MeaningsThe Major Arcana

The Fool Upright
New beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, unlimited possibilities, pleasure, passion, thoughtlessness, rashness

A bad decision, indecision, apathy, hesitation, a faulty choice

The Magician Upright
Originality, creativity, skill, will-power, self confidence, dexterity, sleight of hand

Weakness in will, insecurity, delay, no imagination

The High Priestess Upright

Wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue, a lack of patience, a teacher


Ignorance, lack of understanding, selfishness, shallowness

The Empress Upright
Action, development, accomplishment, mother/sister/wife, evolution

Vacillation, inaction, lack on concentration, indecision, anxiety, infidelity

The Emperor Upright
Accomplishment, confidence, wealth, stability, leadership, father/brother/husband, achievement, a capable person

Immaturity, indecision, feebleness, petty emotions, lack of strength

The Hierophant Upright
A need to conform, social approval, bonded to the conventions of society

Unconventionality, unorthodoxy, an inventor

Mercy, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, conformity, a sense of historical importance, inspiration

Foolish generosity, errors are repeated, impotence, vulnerability, frailty, unorthodoxy

The Lovers Upright
Love, harmony, trust, honor, the beginning of a romance, optimism, a meaningful relationship/affair

Unreliability, separation, frustration in love, fickleness, untrustworthy

The Chariot Upright

Perseverance, a journey, a rushed decision, adversity, turmoil, vengeance

Unsuccessful, defeat, failure, last minute loss, vanquishment

Strength Upright
Strength, courage, conviction, energy, determination, action, heroism, virility

Weakness, pettiness, sickness, tyranny, lack of faith, abuse of power

The Hermit Upright
Counsel, inner strength, prudence, caution, vigilance, patience, withdrawal, annulment, a loner


Imprudence, hastiness, rashness, foolish acts, immaturity

The Wheel of Fortune Upright
Destiny, fortune, a special gain, an unusual loss, end of a problem, unexpected events, advancement, progress

Failure, bad luck, interruption, outside influences, bad fate, unexpected events

Justice Upright
Harmony, balance, equality, righteousness, virtue, honor, advice, a considerate person

Bias, false accusations, intolerance, unfairness, abuse

The Hanged Man Upright
Suspension, change, reversal, boredom, abandonment, sacrifice, readjustment, improvement, rebirth

Unwillingness to make an effort, false prophecy, useless sacrifice

Death Upright
Transformation, making way for the new, unexpected change, loss, failure, illness or death, bad luck

Stagnation, immobility, slow changes, a narrow escape, cheating death

Temperance Upright
Moderation, temperance, patience, harmony, fusion, good influence, confidence

Discord, conflict, disunion, hostility, frustration, impatience

The Devil Upright
Ravage, weird or strange experience, downfall, unexpected failure, controversy, violence, disaster, an ill-tempered person

Divorce, release, handicaps are overcome, enlightenment

The Tower Upright
A sudden change, abandonment of past, ending a friendship, unexpected events, disruption, bankruptcy, downfall, loss of money or security

Following old ways, a rut, entrapment, caught in a bad situation, imprisonment

The Star Upright
Hope, faith, inspiration, optimism, insight, spiritual love, pleasure, balance

Unfulfilled hopes, disappointment, dreams are crushed, bad luck, imbalance

The Moon Upright
Deception, trickery, disillusionment, error, danger, disgrace, double-dealing

Deception is discovered before damage can be done, trifling mistakes, taking advantage of someone

The Sun Upright

Satisfaction, accomplishment, success, love, joy, engagement or a happy marriage

Unhappiness, loneliness, canceled plans, broken engagement or marriage, a clouded future, a lack of friends

Awakening, renewal, a well lived life, better health, a quickened mind

Fear of death, failure, possible loss, ill health

The World Upright
Completion, perfection, recognition, honors, the end result, success, fulfillment, triumph, eternal life

Imperfection, lack of vision, disappointment

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