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Match Your Sun-Sign Compatibility Taurus - Aquarius


Match Making Taurus AquariusTaurus - Aquarius

The compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius is marked with diversities due to their different perceptions towards life. While Taurus will want to completely own his counterpart and Aquarius will prefer to be reclusive most of the times.
The Aquarius might get unpredictable at times hence Taurus will find this confusing and baffling. Both the signs will have to make slight dispensations to make this relationship tick. The prime trait of Taurus will be conservative and that of Aquarius will be exceptional. There are plenty of opposite traits in duo such as Taurus loves to exude passion and Aquarius maneuvers his emotional perception. Taurus will prefer to stay within comforts of his/her home and Aquarius will always like to roam. Taurus will find the free and fancy attitude quiet strange and vague. The natal chart of both Taurus and Aquarius indicate that the duo will act stubborn in their own ways.

The conservative and practical outset of Taurus will not move in tandem with progressive and ideological aspects of life. Aquarius too might feel at times that it is extremely tough to make Taurus think out of his fixed and unchanging parameters.

Emotional Compatibility
The emotional compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius will come with great deal of fascination in spite of their totally different concept of life. Aquarius will be preferring staying alone and calm without any one causing him disturbance. The duo is all diverse in their temperament that makes them exist in different plane. Taurus will love to be quite and somber in his day to day life. Aquarius will act original and full of energy all life. Taurus will at times be passionate and fervent in his expression but Aquarius will be expressive on a cerebral level. Taurus will nurture the idea of spending a perfect evening within the warmth of his/her home whereas Aquarius would like to paint the town red. The emotional equation between the duos will not go on for length as Taurus will seek the careless emotions of Aquarius not very fancy in comparison to his own, that is full of promise and guarantee. Aquarius nurtures happy-go-lucky approach toward hearty matters that will infuriate the decidedly avid Taurus.

Professional Compatibility
In professional arena, Taurus will be fascinated by the risk-taking nature of Aquarius. Although Taurus and his practical approach towards business is no match for Aquarius’ approaches that is progressive or unusual. These differences stare glaringly whenever Taurus and Aquarius come together professionally. Taurus will prefer taking long and sustaining business decision in contrast to decisions of Aquarius that would be more contemporary and full of risks. Taurus can be

quite stubborn in sticking to old ideas thus generating staid trouble in the professional compatibility. It can also lead to mutual annoyance. Aquarius is devoted to his work and his sole aim is to face the intellectual confrontations. Aquarius very often changes their work profile whereas Taurus pays attention towards attaining material affluence in a secure and a staid manner.
Taurus will stay at one place and maneuver his business moves. Aquarius will always be on move and work out with agility. Taurus will cling to his past laurels and possessions whereas Aquarius will be compassionate and act generous.

Romantic Compatibility
The difference in the basic temperaments of Taurus and Aquarius can ger reflected in their romantic compatibility also. Aquarius will show careless attitude toward love that is going to puzzle Taurus and infuriate him. It will be against the love ethics of Taurus to play with someone’s love and emotions. For Aquarius, expression of love lies in talking rather than performing the love act. This concept is alien to Taurus. Aquarius will consider romantic traits of Taurus as too involving and indulging. The romantic meetings of Taurus and Aquarius will see each of the native in diverse moods. While Taurus will follow his romance will single-minded intensity, Aquarius will put emphasis on cerebral kind of love. This can lead to rigid behavior of Taurus and Aquarius towards each other. Natal charts of both the signs up hold such strong estimations that both are unlikely to be flexible thus leading towards arguments and fights.

Marital Compatibility
When it will come to marriage, Taurus and Aquarius will have extremely hard time adjusting to each other’s lives and viewpoints. Both the natives are so much into their own habits and conventions that they will always prefer seeing the situations for their individual perceptions without any trace of cooperation. Every facet of marriage will reverberate the unconventional approach of both Taurus and Aquarius. They can definitely make wonderful partners, only if they try their best, to understand each others emotional needs through mutual perspective and not individual. But the horoscopes say that the relationship between the ruling planets of both these natives is very challenging. They will not at all get the feeling of belonging in this relationship. Their behavior towards their domestic issues and marital situation will be at times extremely erratic. Aquarius will show very slipshod and casual attitude toward marriage that will not at all be fancied by Taurus. Taurus will also behave too possessive and jealous for his Aquarius spouse thus making him irritate in return. During physically intimate encounters, Aquarius will be all busy in scrutinizing the scenario rather than just enjoying the moments of passion and pleasure. Taurus will be simply opposite to such reactions thus again creating a chasm in their marital compatibility.

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