Celebrate Teej Festival and Live Happily With Your Life Partner

Teej FestivalTeej is one of the most prominent Hindu woman fasting festivals. This kind of festival is mostly celebrated in Rajasthan.  Nowadays, it is also celebrated in India.  It is celebrated in the month of July-August smudging with the arrival of monsoons. Teej has the great significance in Rajasthan since it is viewed to provide great relief from the roasting heat of summer. This festival is prominently called as the Sawan festival. This Teej festival represents reunion of the Lord Shiva and Parvati. It teaches the sacrifice of spouse to succeed the heart of the partner.

The history of Teej festival said that Goddess Parvati reborn and went out through severe fasting for one hundred eight lengthy years to prove her devotion, unconditional love and dedication toward the Lord Shiva. At lastly, one hundred eight years of lengthy sacrifice remunerated off and the Lord Shiva accepted the Goddess Parvati as his wife. Till now, the Teej festival is celebrated to respect the great devotion of Parvati and prominently recognized as Teej Mata. In this present day, both unmarried and married women search for her blessings for their joyful marital life.

Importance of Teej Festival

Teej festival is a very important festival for woman. Two very important factors manage its celebration. One is the most prominent celebrity of Lord Shiva and Parvati and the other is a monsoon festival. Swings and Mehandi pays a vital role on this Teej festival day. Every woman can decorate their hands with full of Mehandi and get pleasure on swings while singing the great folk songs. Women can decorate their beautiful hands with different styles and models of Mehandi. Someone can decorate their feet with different Aalta. Mostly married women consider that Mehandi is a great emblem of their married life. On this great occasion, dangles are tied on dissimilar terraces, tree and more and women can be observed enjoying while singing famous folk songs. Several fairs are also managed on the great juncture of Hariyali Teej.

Types of Teej Festival

Normally Teej festival is classified into three types. They are Kajari, Hartalika and Hariyali Teej. All these three festivals are celebrated with immense gaiety and fervor. Certain traditions and rituals are allied with these different sorts of celebrations. This Festival is greatly attracted by many tourists. The Hariyali Teej festival is renowned in Shukla Paksh of the Sharvana to the August month. This festival is also known as Teejen. On this occasion, every woman worships the Moon. During this time, women wear green color bangles and dresses to smudge the auspicious occasion. They also create merry by dancing and singing on different kinds of traditional songs.

Kajari Teej festival is renowned on the Krishna Paksh Tritiya, the 3rd day of the August month of Shravan. This festival is recognized with blackish glooms of clouds throughout the monsoon season. This is the great time to perform blessed pooja of neem among various traditions and rituals. Hartalika Teej festival is celebrated with mirth and gusto on the 3rd day of the 1st fortnight of month of Bhadra. On this occasion, every women view Nirjala Vrat. They also worship the Goddess Parvati for conjugal and long life of their life partner. Enjoy this kind of festival and make your life more happily.


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